E-mail to Mark 9.16.2004 – Vietnam Visa

Hello Mark,

Thanks a million.  I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude!!  I was
completely shocked when they told me that I needed special permission to get a visa and so were the other 10 or so people waiting to get a visa.  They didn’t even post it on their website!  I also called the embassy in Australia and they told me they could help me get special permission if I came to the embassy in Australia!  I don’t understand why the guy at the embassy here is so extremely unhelpful.  I get the feeling he hates his job and living in Tokyo.  He was also 15 minutes late in opening the embassy which is unheard of for Japanese people.

Thanks again!!!


Ok. received your fax and have sent it on to the proper authorities. I am waiting for them to get back to me about costs and then will let you know.

Ok. cost just arrived.

1. 45USD – (fee customs office and agent fee for Official Letter) this is
to make an Invitation Letter and also arrange things with customs here. We will pay this here.

2. 95USD – (fee 6 months multiple visa)this is what you will have to pay when you arrive at the airport in Vietnam with your two passport photos and Invitation Letter.

Customs office is now closed in VN so the office that will work with them will contact them on Monday. The Invitation Letter will be ready on the 24th at which time I will fax to you. This will be your temporary VISA until you arrive in Vietnam and handover to Customs at the airport.

OK. That should be it. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Not exactly the president but a princess! Almost anyway. I don’t know if she is married or not but you will have an opportunity to meet her.

I worked with KDDI on one project and yeah they kept changing their minds a few times daily so not surprised on their international dial code.

So, for now just wait until the 24th for the fax.

Well, see you in a few weeks.



Thanks a Million!  I just sent my passport photo to you after deciphering the incredibly complex international dialing code for my provider KDDI. They change it every 3 days I think.

The 6 month visa would be excellent!  If I could go with the Multiple entry visa that would also be very good.

Did you seriously talk with the president of Vietnam?  Your pulling my leg aren’t you.

As for the invitation letter, I’m thinking that I could also take it to the
embassy and they could put the visa in my passport now which would be less scary for me since I really hate cavity searches.  But I’ll do whatever it takes to get to Vietnam!!

Thanks a million.  I owe you a night of drinking

Hi Mateo

No need to stress!

I have just got of the phone with the president of Vietnam. He told me a friend of mine is a friend of his so no problem. I will arrange for a 6 months visa for you. What I will need from you is:

1. for you to fax to 84 8 xxx xxxx a copy of your passport (the page with your photo).
2. do you need a multiple or single entry visa?
3. prepare 2 passport photos – you need these when you arrive in VN to collect your visa

After recieving this information I will fax you a Invitation letter which
you will carry with you on the plane to VN. At the airport you need to
present them this fax, 2 photos and make payment at which time they will give you a visa (after the full cavity search – ouch!!).

Let me know if you have any other people who need help with this. I can do it for them as well (not the cavity search).

I will let you know soon the exact price you have to pay at the airport and any other so you know what to expect.

Best regards,



Hi Mark,

This is M from Japan who visited in March this year.  I don’t know if
Phuong told you but I’m moving to Vietnam and will arrive on October 2nd!! (maybe)

But I have a BIG PROBLEM!!  I went to the visa office today and they tell me foreigners arriving from September 1st until October 15th need to obtain “Special Permission” from the Department of Immigration Vietnam!!!  So I am in big trouble here and I know Phuong went to America until October 1st!! Is there anyway you can help me get this “Special permission” as soon as possible?  I will be eternally grateful and take you out for a night of drinking on my tab.   I have already bought my plane tickets to leave on October 1st, stay one night in Malaysia and arrive on Oct.

I really am very stressed out about this..


Dude, I really need to talk with Phuong!!

 I went to the fucking Vietnamese Embassy today to get a visa and they say that foreigners and businessmen need “special permission” from the Vietnamese department of immigration for foreigners arriving from Sept 1st to October 15th!!!!!  So I’m really screwed here unless I can get that damn special permission.  I thought Phuong could help me with that.  When is he going to visit you?  Can you have him call me ASAP please!!! 

I’ve looked on the websites for information but am finding nothing!!

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