Journal Entry 5.25.2022

It is Wednesday May 25th, 2022, the day before my 45th birthday. As I see that birthday number I’ve just written, I’m put into a state of shock. How can I possibly be turning 45? That is old and old is not something I thought I’d ever become. To the young, youth is eternal. If…… Continue reading Journal Entry 5.25.2022

Journal Entry – 5.26.2018

It is 2:37 on Saturday May 26th, 2018.  Today is my 41st birthday. I woke up around 5:30 AM and did my morning routine:  put away the dishes and clean any that hadn’t been done, make the coffee and drink my vegetable juice.  Once everyone was awake I got started on cleaning the four fish…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 5.26.2018

Check-in at 40 years old

It is 4:3.0 AM on Tuesday May 8th.  I woke up at 3:30 AM and got all my chores done which were:  throw the compost garbage out, put dishes away, wash dirty dishes, get coffee ready and drink wheat grass.  It sounds like this would only take a couple of minutes but getting it all…… Continue reading Check-in at 40 years old

Journal Entry – 5.25.2017

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday.  As I’ve said before I’ve felt like I’ve already reached 40 for a couple of months now but tomorrow it is for real. Turning 40 reminds me of two things my parents said.  When I was young my Mom told me she never thought she’d be turning 40; life went…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 5.25.2017