Journal Entry – 6.6.2018

Wednesday Morning

It is 5:59 AM on Wednesday June 6th. I’ve made it through two days of training and have two more to go. Yesterday we arrived 7:30 AM and the first session was with my bosses boss who gave us a nice overview of of the organization and how our department came into being. The rest of the day was getting set up with such things as we-mail, 401K, benefits and so on. We also heard from the heads of departments which help support us and I made it a point to meet those I’ll work with in person and one of them even spent time in Pacifica! What are the chances??

One thing that was very new to me is working with millennials. Our trainer is a millennial and so is another person in our class. It was strange to think that they were born around the time I was graduating. How quickly time goes and things change! Here I am, amazed about all the capabilities of this company and all it has to offer but for them it was normal things. They were so chill with everything and SMART! They knew their stuff and it reminded me of what Mark Zuckerberg said in that young people are just smarter. I liked how they breezed through the complicated stuff such as a credit union/401K. Now, I’m advanced when it comes to technology but I’ve always hated healthcare, 401K, IRA (Roth IRA) and still never had a great grasp on the best options. For them, they were bascially like “you should take this option because why wouldn’t you, it is the best one.” That was cool.

As for getting set up, I always feel better when I have my bearings and know my way around things. I’m looking forward to when all this newness becomes familiar and I settle into routine and visiting customers again. I still have so much to learn but have a very good feeling about making an impact at this company. I learned that California is crucial for them and that I’ll be getting plenty of visits from the upper management as well as attention. I’m very confident I can deliver but for one who has always ‘flown under the radar’ and then just delivered it is a bit different to already be very much on the radar and have my reputation proceed me. It does put on a bit of pressure, but again, I’m confident in that I can make a great impact here.

Wednesday Evening

Class is done for the day. Only a half day tomorrow and then I fly home, although my flight isn’t until the evening.

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