Journal Entry – 6.16.2018

School has ended and summer has officially arrived.  Now is the time my whole world changes as we switch to the summer schedule.  As for me, I’ve completed most of the new employee items off the checklist which involved basically getting everything set up, choosing healthcare and so on.  The last item on the agenda is to work on the 401K which is never fun.

Life has been a blur since returning from Dallas.  I promptly came down with a fever but still had to go to the ‘undokai’ which is field day for the Japanese school.   I spent most of that under a blanket trying not to feel awful.  The next thing on the list was preparing for a karate promotion test which I wasn’t sure if we’d even participate in and it turns out we did not.  You have to be invited to participate but it is never clear if the higher belts can participate or not.  Usually the higher belt tests are only when Saiko Shihan is in town in October.  Since we didn’t receive an invite for the test we didn’t go and I’m wondering if some of the other karatekas did participate.  This would be a bit awkward for me since I started before them and now would be a lower rank.  I have been thinking about this the past couple of days but in our dojo you don’t ask about the karate test so who knows until I get there and see their belts.

I have a lot coming up these next couple of weeks so won’t be able to make it to karate for at least three weeks.

I’ve been a bit down in the dumps recently as well due to all the changes coming up and really just want to get back into routine.  I think a workout tomorrow might help my mood so hopefully I can shake the funk and just get it done.

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