Journal Entry – 3.31.2018

It is 6:25 AM on Saturday, March 31st.

We’ve gotten some very nice weather on the coast these past two days with temperatures reaching into the 70s.  This used to be rare but seems to happen with more frequency these past couple of years.  The climate is changing and it is too bad that many in the population of the USA are not smart enough to listen to actual scientists.

So much pollution is thrown into the atmosphere and those that deny climate change must think it simply disappears out into space?  I was let down when I realized that the air in San Francisco is rarely good these days as measured by AIRNow, the EPA air quality index.  Instead it is almost always in the yellow “moderate” zone.  I can only hope that the breeze off the ocean pushes that stuff away from Pacifica and that our air remains the the green zone.  The EPA only has a sensor eleven miles away in San Francisco so there is hope that our air is better.

Unfortunately the Trump administration and Republicans do everything they can to gut the EPA and deny there is even a problem.  You would think they would have shut down the air quality monitors down by now?

I don’t want to turn negative on this post but it is hard to do when speaking about Republicans.  Therefore, the only solution is to keep things brief on the absurdity they have become.  They are no longer the party they were just 10 years ago and have become a complete circus of idiots:

The Republican Circus recently:

  1.  Trump – This is a catastrophe for America.  I will admit that he does have his moments such as clamping down on illegal immigration, (I don’t support a wall – an ugly symbol) something must be done.  I also hope by some miracle the situation in NK turns out well seeing as nothing has been done in decades.
  2.   However, the problems greatly outweigh any positive moments:
    1. a. – Russia – It seems that Republicans are willing to test the
      limits of outright treason just to keep someone with an R by their name in power.  Their Russia probe closed quickly and it is easy to find nothing when you’re looking for nothing.  They have gone as far to allow the basis of our Democracy to be corrupted by an adversary so long as they get to be in power.  What they are doing is treasonous.
    2. b. – Guns – Unlimited access to guns are more important than the lives of children.  Our leaders should be “Profiles in Courage” yet we have the exact opposite with McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the clowns.  They are bought and paid for by the NRA.  It will be very difficult when my own son starts to learn about government and I’ll just have to tell him that in order to affect change you must be a corporation with a lot of money and then you can just buy your politicians.  In other countries they call this ‘corruption,’ but in America we call it ‘lobbying.’  It is the same exact thing, you just call it something different.
    3. c. – Republicans are willing to accept pedophilia (Moore) so long as it means they win.  How absurd is that?
    4. d. – Science, reason, facts and truth no longer have a place in their party.  If you don’t agree with a fact you just call it ‘fake news,’ and move along.

Fox News is now the official mouthpiece of the Presidency.  A news channel that turned into a propaganda machine of the likes which I’ve never seen in any of the communist countries I’ve visited.  “Prom Queens and Alpha Males spewing out garbage day in and day out.  The women bare their cleavage with a huge cross right in the middle of their boobs and they are angry.  With Meghaynh (spelling?) Kelly they learned that you cannot go from being the enemy to a fun loving morning television show.  It just doesn’t work.  Also the Trump presidency and circus the Republican party has become is the direct result of 8 years of absolute hate that has come directly from Fox News.

But the news that really has gotten me recently is that one of the Fox News contributors – Laura Ingraham disparaged one of the Parkland School shooters.  Yes, a grown woman on the Republican side has gone as low as this:  she ridiculed a kid who was almost killed just by going to school.  He called for a boycott of her show and amazingly some of the advertisers actually listened.  And so she quickly apologized and it is apparent she did so for monetary reasons and to save her show, not out of actual remorse.  This is just another example of how depraved the Republican base has become.

It is difficult to read any news these days as it quickly puts me in a bad mood.  I’m to the point now where I just want to shut it all out and try to live a happy life.  America is no longer how I remember it, we’re no longer the good guys.  America is a place where money is king:  you look after number one and screw everyone else.  All of those Fourth of July parades where they throw candy at you, singing the Star Spangled Banner before games and simply being proud to be American seem empty now.  We’re no longer a nation united but one where we want to eliminate healthcare, people want as many guns as possible, truth and reason have been put in a for-profit prison and half of the nation seems to be overdosing on opioids.  We are in the midst of a downward spiral and the train is being driven by a bunch of loud mouthed idiots.

Enough of that.  Today is Saturday and I’m back into my routine of working out and going to karate.  The fighters cup is coming up and I really need to be in shape or there is a real possibility I could get knocked out now that I’m at green belt.  My fear isn’t so much of how painful the kicks can be but one of stamina.  I hadn’t been as tired as I was at the last fighters cup since high school wrestling.  My body even went into a bit of shock at the end of the day with a bunch of shaking with my body seemingly asking “What the hell did you just do to me?”  When you run out of energy and have to keep going it feels like the flu and you just want to die.  But you cannot stop because one kick to the head would send you to the ground.

Today we’ll do the kids class and then I’ll do the adult class afterwards.  I haven’t been to adult class in three weeks so the fighting portion could be a little tough today.

Well, the household is waking up and so I have to end this post and get started with the day.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/