Journal Entry – 11.5.2017 Afternoon

It is 1:48 PM.  We just got back from the park where I had an idea for a post.

I was pushing my boys on the kid swing and bigger kids (red) swing at the same time.  We hadn’t been there for more than three minutes when a little girl came up and I could tell she wanted to get on the red swing.  Well, I really didn’t want to ask my son to get off so soon so I complimented her on her Wonder Woman dress and asked if she had seen the movie. She was very chatty and let me know that she had the movie and that Wonder Woman is the only super hero who is a god.  I said “What about Thor?  Thor is a god.”  She said “Noooo, only woman superhero that is a god!”

Just like Wonder Woman she was very bold and then asked “Can I get on the swing now?”  I asked my son if she could have a turn and being the gentleman he is he said sure and jumped off the swing.  Well, we had nice conversation between the three of us (my youngest still can’t speak very well) and after about 10 minutes I asked if my son could then have a turn to which she replied “Come on man, I just got here.”

Well, I let her swing until she got bored and then my son jumped back on but it got me thinking about how the basic character of kids remains well into adulthood.  Yes, the grow up, and learn how to behave in society but I think the way you are as a kid really stays with you for the most part.

I thought of your typical soccer mom in her must have Lexus or BMW.  Just the thought of a soccer mom really makes me feel unpleasant.  I guess it mostly comes from my experience in Japan and how polite everyone is and contrast that with the selfish, pushy, self-entitled soccer mom.  This is the kind of woman who will ask you for something when really it is a demand and when you oblige you get the whiny “Thaaaaaaaankss,” which is required in polite adulthood but really means “You shouldn’t have been in my way in the first place.”  This is the type when you give them a smile they give you back that non-committal smirk which is neither a smile nor a frown but implies “I acknowledge your smile but I do not invite further conversation.”

The Lexus or BMW is a must have for these creatures for without them they cannot show their status of being superior to everyone else.  It is this vehicle which gives them false self-esteem when really there is none.  Take the shiny car and makeup away and you’ve got an empty shell with no personality and a person you really just don’t want to be around.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know many of wonderful women but I think in this society, one that requires looks, money, and a culture where you always have to be the best, it just spoils a lot of women.  The culture is severe and one can easily see this from the #metoo hashtag currently making the rounds on the internet.  Guys can be absolute pigs here but I wonder if society doesn’t push them in a bad direction as well.  After all, the majority of pretty girls in my high school all went for the guys that were jerks and didn’t treat them very well.  I know many women now who still cannot hold down a stable relationship as they’re always picking the wrong guys, the ones who mistreat them.  The relationship falls apart only to begin again with some other jerk.

Anyway, I’ve grown tired of writing and have places to be later today.

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