For the past week I’ve been using the new iPad to watch YouTube.  I’ve never watched much YouTube as I consider it a waste of time but I became so sick of the news I thought I’d explore some other things on the internet.

One item I decided to check out was the recently created “Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room” of the CIA.  Of course the first thing I typed in was UFO and found all kinds of stuff.  Unfortunately there is so much and it isn’t the most exciting reading for a casual reader.  The CIA website is great for research and people who have the time to go through thousands of documents on whatever fits their interest.  For me, I was looking a bit more for entertainment so went over to YouTube and typed in UFO.

What I found were news reports, pilots, and many very elite and credible people who all professed seeing UFOs and so many recorded sightings.  I really liked the quote that 90% of sightings are normal phenomena but 10 – 5% are not so easily explainable.  Just doing a quick search for that exact quote brings me to an article by the respected magazine National Geographic – Five Good Reasons To Believe in UFOS.

People do not like to talk about it for fear of being ridiculed, of being called crazy!  Well, I’m of the opinion it is those who do not believe that are crazy.  Here we are, slightly evolved monkeys using only five senses and we have the naive belief that we know much about this infinite universe when it wasn’t more than a few centuries ago we thought our own planet was in the middle of it.

I look back to the books and videos created by Carl Sagan and listening to him believe it absolutely impossible that there isn’t so much going on around me that I’m completely oblivious to.  I just watched Carl’s explanation of Flatlanders and the fourth dimension and was astounded.  I am not a cosmologist, mathematician, astronomer or many other things but I know how to use logic and deductive reasoning and I place my faith in these people and believe what they say – they are using the scientific method after all and it is the scientific method that brought us out of the dark ages of superstition.

*Many of my countrymen with the election of Trump have decided to reject science.  They believe their opinions are greater than facts – it is the great dumbing down of the 21 century were the technological leap lead many to hide in fear behind a shield of ignorance.

In fact, I do not need to simply “believe” as I have seen; yes, I have seen one UFO for certain and maybe one more.  It is said that many do not believe lest they have seen, but when it comes to extraordinary phenomena sometimes they still do not believe even when they have seen.  I do not have this problem.  I see something I write it down and stay true to what I have seen even though it may not make sense to me.

I have seen a ghost which I wrote about here and I’ll never let go in that fact even though I cannot understand exactly what it was. I was not only one to see ghosts or experience strange things.  Many other students did as well and we all talked about it.

Well, the same is with the UFO I saw.  I was with my brother-in-law on the back patio at Lake Tahoe.  We were discussing evolution vs creationism and looking up at the stars.  Suddenly I spotted what looked like four satellites moving together heading north.  Now, it is easy to see satellites up in the sky: all you need to do is look for the dim light that looks like a star but is moving rapidly across the sky.  Such a thing is of course a satellite.  But what we both saw were four of them close together moving at the same speed.  There is no way we could have been mistaken in what we saw, the altitude of these things put it definitely in space if it were the same object, then given the distance it would have been enormous.  So it must have been four spacecraft moving together unless a “cluster” of satellites are now made that move in the same direction at the same speed miles apart.

We were both left in amazement, we both still remember the event and have never figured it out.

Now why do I write this?  I’m not out to prove anything to anyone.  This is my personal journal and I simply wish to record, like I did about the ghost, that I have seen a UFO.  It is my testament for my future descendants so that they may know my thoughts on the matter should they ever inquire.  I also have very little fear of ridicule:  I’ve traveled and experienced so much which has taught me to open my mind as well as be humbled to how little I actually know.  Most of those that would ridicule wouldn’t be able to point out most countries on a map; why then should their opinions regarding something as unknown and infinite as the cosmos and the things in it be given any regard?

So that was the first UFO.  The second one I saw is most likely something normal but it appeared very odd to me.  I was flying from Narita, Japan to Detroit and was over Alaska or the Yukon.  Down below the airplane I saw a flying object that glided and released black smoke behind it from time to time.  I was reminded of this object after recent news that the Chilean navy declassified a similar sighting.

I thought the object so odd that I did take a picture.  This was back in 2002 and so my camera wasn’t very good, especially with the blur from the airplane window.  But I can assure you this picture was taken by me.

In closing, I certainly do not believe that we are alone in the universe; such a thought is crazy to me.  I also do not believe that my five senses are picking up all that is around me.  This is both amazing and terrifying.  And I do think that there are extraterrestrials that have been observing our species for a long time.  In this great universe how naive, how silly it is to think that we really have any inkling of what is really going on.  The fish born in a tank will come to believe that is all there is of the world and of creation.  Over successive generations the fish may evolve, start to write down his thoughts and create great religions to the being who provides daily fish flakes.  Yet, much more exists that the fish is unaware of.  And so, it is my belief that the more intelligent, will realize and come to understand how infantile his own knowledge is and will continue the search for the truth.  What we perceive is only a very small part of the story, perhaps as infinitesimal as a grain of sand on the beach.

The Flammarion engraving – Artist unknown

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/