8.5.2016 – First Karate Class

It is 4:42 AM and I’m forgoing the gym today in favor of writing, internet surfing and letting my body recover a bit.

I had my first adult karate class yesterday and my right leg is a bit sore.  I showed up to a locked door as it seems Thursdays can be extremely light and they sometimes cancel.  I’m not yet on the mailing list though so I didn’t get the memo.  Luckily two sensei were there for their own training but kindly offered to give me a lesson.  It was like a free M2M private lesson for which one usually has to pay more!

I haven’t had a workout like that in years and also ended up with a slightly bruised knee and leg as a bonus.  It was also the first time I’ve ever sparred with punches and kicks in my life – a whole different feel to what I remember from wrestling.  My partner was a sensei and a blackbelt but he was instructed to only ‘give a little.’

This karate school is the real deal since it is full contact every single class – it makes other dojos look almost like playtime.  I also like the fact that instructions are in Japanese.

So what did I learn?  I learned that my body is soft even though I have muscle from weight lifting.  I learned I’m out of shape even though I go to the gym quite often.  I have gained newfound respect for how much punches and kicks actually hurt.

Afterwards I had a flicker of a memory of how I used to feel after wrestling in high school. You feel very good from all the exercise which is combined with a lot of soreness – you feel confident as though you could take on the world.

By Mateo de Colón

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