Lies, all lies

They say that living in the modern day city is a factor which contributes to mental illness.  I moved from San Francisco six years ago but I believe we are still close enough to this ground zero that we can still feel the mental illness inducing effects.  Perhaps this is why I’m starting to be bothered by the amount of lies I’m told each day instead of just ignoring them.

It has started to dawn on me that we live in a society of lies.  The politicians lie to us daily and this is condoned as they will soon “pivot towards the center” which means say something different from what they did in the primary.  In kindergarten speak, they lied, now are telling different lies and the lies may change again depending on which lie benefits them the most.

If I go to a supermarket and look at the labels every food tells me how nutritious it is, even if it is just a can of spray cheese.  The back tells me how many calories are in a “serving” but a “serving” isn’t enough to fill up my toddler.  The label shouts only 90 calories per serving!  And most adults would need 2-3 servings to be enough.

And today I received two pieces of mail.  The mail always lies to me but I was particularly offended today.

The first is from Nancy Pelosi and is an “Official Democratic Presidential Strategy Survey,” and has a stern warning to not tamper as the “document is registered to,” me.  So anybody out there who might want to tamper with this important document might think twice as the warning is in all capital letters and partly in bold.  It even comes with an official “survey verification number” which is in red and obviously stamped on by human hands as a document of this much importance must have special handling.

In the document they ask all types of questions but I soon realize that my answers regarding the direction and strategy of the party are not the only reason they’ve sent me this communication.  They want a donation.  I imagine they’ll take my donation, throw my answers in the trash – even if it does have an authentic “survey verification number” – and then send me another solicitation or even worse – a telephone call.  But if this were not bad enough they want me to check the box that says ” I will help Democrats protect the progress we’ve made from attacks by radical Tea Party Republicans….”

Tea Party Republicans?

The Tea Party went out of style two to three years ago, were all about The Donald now!  This solicitation-cum-survey is outdated!  And as if we had forgotten here on the Left Coast Nancy fought against President Obama and lost the house!  So, why Nancy, why are you sending me this lie?  It makes me so sad.

The second lie I received is even worse.  It is a bunch of words, I mean a lot of words and a lot of legalese words that nobody understands.  I concentrated for a little while and read that “The People of the City of Pacifica do ordain as follows:”


When I think of ordain I think of Catholic priests and then I think of pedophilia.  I don’t want to ordain anyone or anything! But it goes on that we the people of Pacifica have found:

  1. Pacifica is a great place to live, however, blah blah blah sea levels, coast line, invasive species,, blah blah let us develop expensive housing and make an incredible profit, restoration of habitat, snakes and environment and don’t forget rainbows blah blah productive wetlands etcetera.

So, yea, I already know what this is.  My neighbors already told me all about it on the NextDoor app.  The developer wants to change the law so they can build housing in the quarry, get out and let us deal with the traffic nightmare that ensues!

Actually, I’m not against the development as much as other Pacificans.  But I am in debt to the people that say ‘no’ on everything because without them we’d have a number of chain restaurants blocking our view of the ocean, the hillsides would be covered in McMansions and there wouldn’t be a spot of green left except for perhaps one square acre that the developers benevolently devoted on us.  And oh yea, the beach and ocean would probably have a pay gate to get in.  But I’m not against development of the quarry and think it could actually be nice.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that we’re lied to everyday, pretty much about everything so how can I really trust these quarry people?  I’ve been through this rodeo before!  I get some mailings that tell me I need to sign/vote to save the babies, protect the earth, and guarantee the happiness of everyone and once it is done find out that I’ve actually signed/voted to harm the babies, pollute the earth and have just sold every citizen into slavery!  It is permanent opposite and/or April Fool’s Day with American Democracy.  Voting on anything is best avoided these days; just open a bottle of wine, sit down in a lawn chair and yell random contradictory slogans seems to be a much more productive use of time than actually voting.

Sorry, I just lost my train of thought.  My phone rang and an automated message told me I had won a trip to the Bahamas.  Yet another lie.  Then I had to do some work and had to call a number I usually call a number of times each day; and each day I listen to a recording that tells me to listen to this message as the menu options have recently changed; but the menu options haven’t changed for the past five years; yet another lie.

Then I called another line I have to call frequently and they tell me my call will be monitored for quality purposes.  But the thing is I know it is not for quality purposes at all, yet I am forced to hear this lie and the one above many times a day.

Well, I’ve given myself a headache.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/