Christmas Eve 2015

It is 9:07 PM on Christmas Eve.  We had some great friends over for a nice feast which included pot roast and a Honeybaked Ham as well as wonderful wine (Zinfandel and another from Beringer but will have to check the viretal – I’ve forgotten but was delicious).  I’m now watching the Norad Santa Tracker and caught him just over Belize.  Unfortunately the music they just put on is country so I’ll have to close the browser and put on some soft, easy listening Christmas music.  It looks like Santa has delivered five billion and a half presents so far.

Santa Tracker 2015

Unfortunately, I still do not feel the Christmas magic.  This could be due to lack of snow or more probably the fact that I’m 38 years old and have a wine buzz.  I am glad however that the kids are finally asleep and gauging by the drooping of  my eyelids I too shall be asleep soon.  We still need to put out the presents so I’ll have to last at least another hour.

But before I do fall asleep I really wanted to at least get a Christmas Eve post up as this is something I’ll look back on five to ten years from now with very fond memories.  I have to say I’m pretty exhausted as I was up at 4 AM and with two young boys have had a very active day to say the least.  Tomorrow promises to be just as active with all our new toys Santa is going to bring us.

Christmas Eve is such a magical time and I only wish I could feel the magic I did as a young child.  As an adult we lose this magic and it will never be fully regained.  I think if I won the lottery the euphoria still would not come close to that which I felt on Christmas Eve as a child.  I think this magic is something we as adults always try to regain no matter how old we become.

The cookies and milk are out, Santa’s secret key is outside our back door (since we do not have a chimney Santa could come down) and the house is so quiet we could definitely hear a mouse – although I sincerely hope we do not have any rodents.  I’m listening to the Flower Waltz on Spotify and about to do a face plant on my keyboard.

Therefore I think this will do for a Christmas Eve post – next up and weather permitting, a New Years sunset.


It is now 10:03 PM.  I have caught a second wind since I had to eat all the cookies left out for Santa, drink the milk and put out the presents.  In doing so I found a bit of the magic I was missing when I posted just under an hour ago.

Christmas Eve

I was reminded of my own childhood and thought we didn’t buy enough presents.  In my memory I remember the entire room being filled with presents – so much so that I could barely walk through the room.  But I imagine my sons at five and one year old shall not be too disappointed and I’m very excited to see their faces – especially the five year old – when they see that Santa did indeed arrive and left them such wonderful gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone!

By Mateo de Colón

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