Marty McFly arrives today!

Marking the momentous occasion of Marty McFly’s arrival in the future which is today! Where can I get the hoverboard I’ve waited 30 years for?


CNN – Back to the Future day

I posted the above yesterday so as to hit the actual day Marty McFly arrives.  Unfortunately I have not read any news reports that Michael J. Fox arrived in 1985 clothing yesterday so that is a bummer.

I also didn’t see any news articles mentioning all the cool stuff we now have here in the future as compared to 1985.  For one, this computer I’m writing this post on was not yet mainstream and only existed in universities and in computer enthusiasts homes.  Smartphones are now commonplace but are much taken for granted – people simply don’t realize they hold in their pockets a gateway to ALL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE!  If we wanted to know something back in 1985 we had to ask our teacher or go to the library and look it up!

But we also didn’t have the inconvenience that smartphones can cause.  I wonder what Mary McFly would think of this small phone constantly pinging him with text messages, updates, and various notifications.  After about a week of the initial inertia I think he may have chucked it in the pond.

How clothing was supposed to look in 2015
How clothing was supposed to look in 2015

Looking at the clothes those in 1985 thought we might wear one has to smile.  From the image it looks like we should have circuitry on our faces and dress like we bought our clothing at the Goodwill for cyberpunks.


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