Sunday Morning – 8.9.2015

It is 7:00 AM on Sunday morning; I’m still the only one awake.  I haven’t much time to get this post down before they do and my special morning time ends so will have to type this pretty fast. 

I had a very productive day yesterday with the morning spent at the gym then the afternoon doing yardwork.  I really appreciate the gym now much more than before for the simple fact that I can no longer just pick up and go.  Any time I spend at the gym means time away from my kids and this time does not come without a small amount of guilt.  I could easily go at 4:30 or 5 AM if it were up to me but sometimes my son wakes up and calls for me.  If I’m not there he would get scared then go wake up mom and the baby which wouldn’t be good.  So I cannot go, even in the middle of the night due to this. 

I did have a nice workout and really enjoy the sore feeling the next day as soreness means progress – there are must be a few left over endorphins which lift my mood.  There was one bad part to the workout however and that was the TV screens I had a hard time turning my eyes from while on the elliptical.  The choices were CNN (Crisis News Network) and Fox news which of course is always unequivocally fair and balanced. 

Both shows spent the entire hour with talking heads – 5 or six of them at a time – focus on Donald Trumps “blood comments” about Megyn Kelly.  Whenever I am unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of either of these shows I get an immediate headache.  I remember the days when CNN and Fox actually reported real news.  I never watched Fox very much but people that watched CNN were smart, they were international travelers and CNN was almost like your very own CIA report letting smart people know what was going on in the world. 

Now both networks are entertainment channels; they’ve become very similar to Gossip Hollywood or whatever those shows such as TMZ are called.  And what makes me sad is a very large amount of Americans watch this nonsense.  What does this mean?  It means that a large amount of the “news” watching American audience are dumb. 

If the news networks have slid this far in just 15 years, I dread to think what broadcast “news” will look like in another 15 years.  Why don’t they just have Kim Kardashian deliver the news?  That would be sure to drive ratings even farther than a Megyn Kelly could – for Fox just be sure to put a big crucifix resting between her two boobs and they’d corner that market for sure. 

I’ve never read Megyn Kelly’s resume but from what I’ve seen she is a hit with the Fox news crowd because she is very attractive, is perpetually angry and can deliver the news at a fifth grade level but in a way where her audience believes they are learning very important information! 

I believe the reason that Mr. Trump’s comments have caused such a stir is because he has held up a very clear mirror to the GOP and to Fox News; and they really don’t like what they see.  It is like Medusa seeing herself in the mirror and like turning to stone, they become paralyzed.  Trump is un-distilled, 100% concentrated GOP. 

I could fill this post out a little more and maybe will do so later, but I’ve just decided putting a Trump for President update on my Facebook would be a lot of fun.  I’m all excited!!!! 


Update: 4.12 PM later in the day

I did the Facebook update and thought it would rile a few more people than it did.  Actually, I think it might have confused more than a few:

“Donald Trump for President!!! Undistilled, 100% concentrated GOP without any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Mr. Trump has held up a mirror to Fox News and the GOP and it seems they do not like what they see. Like Medusa they have not turned completely to stone but become paralyzed with things like”blood comments” none the less. Red States are red, blood is red too, for the Republican voter, things Trump says are true. — xoxo”

Mateo de Colón

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