Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning. It has been many weeks since I’ve seen a robin at the birdbath. The berries are completely gone  from the trees lining our yard which most likely explains their departure.
We’ve made a garden cover and added miracle grow soil to the compost in the hopes of actually growing our own vegetables this year. The strawberries seem to appreciate it already.


There was no sunrise this morning as we’re covered by a very thick fog and so I find myself at Starbucks trying a new blend instead of the usual Pikes.
I’m feeling a little gloomy due to recent events and some difficult issues as work. The work stuff will be easily resolved soon, it is just a little difficult when the answer must be no to a VIP.
I think a bike ride up to the top of the mountain would ameliorate this funk but at the moment, the peak is shrouded by the fog.

By Mateo de Colón

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