November 15th – Crab Boats

November 15th marks the start of non-commercial crab season!  I wanted to take a picture to mark the occasion.  November 1st is the start of commercial crab season where the big companies go out and catch crab for market.  The only thing we notice about this here on the coast is that crab begins to appear in big stores and restaurants.  

But on November 15th lights begin to appear on the ocean at night which are smaller boats with individual fishermen.  At first the lights are numerous but as the crab season goes on we’ll slowly start to see less and less of them.  For the moment however, it can look like there is a city floating out there on the ocean.  I don’t have a fancy camera but I think even if I did the picture wouldn’t look much different.  

In the foreground is Linda Mar shopping center.  But the string of lights above that in the center of the picture are the crab boats floating out there in the ocean.  I wonder how comfortable spending a cold night out on the ocean crab fishing would be.  

By Mateo de Colón

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