Just downloaded a client to run on my desktop so I don’t have to sign on to create a post in the blog. 

Today’s mood is “a bit frustrated.” 

As you all know I kind of see things through a cultural prism having spent time overseas.  That is to say I see things as “the american way” of doing things rather than just accepting it as the norm. 

Well, today I’ve had to fend off quite a few sales pitches and it got me thinking about how our much emphasis is given on buying/selling in this country.  You simply cannot just go purchase something without them asking you to take a survey, submit to a psychological profile, join their credit card scheme and so on.  I’ve written about this before with my “coconut example,” but today’s annoyance was especially annoying. 

It was for my prescription company provided by my employer.  They sent out a message which obliged me to contact them to tell them I did not want their home delivery service.  The letter stated that I had to choose my preferred pharmacy if I were to opt out of the home service. 

Funny thing was that the rep on the phone really had no way to enter a preferred pharmacy which leads me to believe they are just trying to get everyone to sign up for the home service.  It was a marketing ploy! 

Further, on their mailer it showed a bunch of people smiling.  Yes, all these smiling people ARE ON DRUGS, THAT IS WHY THEY ALL SMILE!!!!!  One thing I would not want to be is a drug rep.  We sales people are in the business of making the sales numbers go up and those guys do it by getting people to take more drugs.  Not Nice. 

In this country everyone is on drugs and they want you to take more of them. 

Sometimes I really wish I could just hike it back to Asia where they haven’t become so sophisticated/devious with this nonsense. 

Now that I have diffused that sales pitch, I have to get back to my taxes which, even with all my education and experience, leave me completely confused and fearful of an audit.  (This is not an invitation for Tax Prep services mind you) 

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