Alan Grayson Confronts GOP

It looks like I’m batchin it on a Friday night!  Was just about ready to pop down to Chelsea Place when I thought one more glance at the news might be in order.

Unluckily for me, I opened up my Huffington Post app and decided to click on this article about Rep Alan Grayson confronting the GOP in Perkins.

Now stop the press.  Here we have a meeting where reps/members of our two main political parties are discussing all sorts of important things and IT IS AT PERKINS!!!!

That’s it, I’m done with politics.  Please bring back the GOP where meetings are held at Morton’s Steakhouse and fundraisers at strip clubs are no big whoop.  I remember many years ago speaking with a pretty powerful Republican in Ohio and he referred to the cuisine at “vittles.”  Now that is class, that is sophistication!!  The Grand Old Party does NOT HOLD MEETINGS AT PERKINS!!

After watching this video I just can’t help but be dismayed at the state of politics in America right now AND I can’t get this line from Forrest Gump out of my head, “I’m sorry I had to fight in the middle of your Black Panther party.”

Finally, towards the end of the video some lady says “but we’re all metaphorically speaking here Grayson.”  I assume she is talking about this letter in which apparently a conservative spied on an organization aligned with the Democrats.

—Excerpt from letter—
“Diana Evans is a staunch fellow Conservative Republican who snuck behind enemy lines into an Organizing For America Meeting and learned what they are up to, and she learned a lot…..”

Regrettably, when you name the organization outright then it is not a metaphor!

Instead, a metaphor would be “Diana Evans, a staunch anchor of conservative support stealthily intruded into the donkey’s den and learned what all the braying was about.”

So if they cannot get metaphors right, perhaps it would behoove the GOP to communicate in Haiku?

secluded farm
the donkey brays
elephant hears

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