E-mail to Miguel 7.29.2004


All done.  I would suggest you have a few more people take a look to get their opinions.  I’ve underlined my corrections.

Everything looks pretty good.  The only things I would advise you on:

1.  Overuse of “and”:  I want to drink a beer and a wine and and vodka and a tequila. better like this:  I want to drink beer, wine, vodka and tequila.

2.  Too many “to”:  from IT to leadership to H.R. to Payroll Three “to” is usually the limit.

3.  I put ‘lingua franca’ in a single apostrophe which is used in place of a double apostrophe “” in British English, but is used in both dialects for philosophical ideas.

4.  I changed the word “incessantly” to “perpetually” since incessantly
usually carries a negative connotation.

The biggest problem area was with this sentence:

BL&C was established to provide corporate clients with leading training in management techniques and effective communication through the utilization of language skills.

I’m not sure if this captures what you want to say, but “communication that includes language skills.  ” should be revised.

Tonight Masaru and David (from Brazil, Spanish speaker) are meeting at 7:30, but we haven’t decided where yet.  I’ll get off work at 9:00pm and meet up with you guys later.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/