E-mail to Sarita 4.7.2004


So happy to get your e-mail!!  I always enjoyed e-mailing you Sarita since you know how to write a good e-mail that actually has some information in it.  Most people write nonsense that is uninteresting and I suspect, are turning into zombies from too much T.V. 

As for coming back to the U.S.A. the answer is never!!!!!!  I love being abroad and speaking with international people on a daily basis.  Here I can use four languages in one day and being international, they can always give me a fresh opinion or point of view I hadn’t thought about before.  I detest speaking with Americans here (unless they are the special intelligent kind like you of which there are a few) because I already know their opinions since they just regurgitate what the American press told them.  Also, I just have a terrible feeling about working for an American corporation and that I would just be a cog in the machine.  Instead, I’ve got a grand plan.  I am going to try to find a job in Vietnam since I have a lot of friends there and business is booming. 

My current mentality is that I would rather be a janitor in Vietnam than a millionaire in America.  In Vietnam, even though they are very poor, everyone is pleasant and smiles at me,, even if I’m not dressed well!   In America, the rich people are arrogant, never smile, and there is always competition.  I’m writing all this down as I discover it in a book and hope to have it published sometime before I die by the way.  In Vietnam, I could have an amazing experience everyday and always learn something. 

I am trying to find what makes me happy and I think it lies in Vietnam.  In America, most people desire money so they can buy products, obtain prestige or go on nice vacations.  They work so hard at their jobs and maybe never reach the level of monetary wealth they desire.  Now, in Vietnam, I’m surrounded by millions of beautiful women who want to date me.  I can go to a beautiful resort for an entire weekend for $25!  I already know much of the business elite in Saigon.  AND finally, when (if) I get a job there, my contributions to the company will be tangible since the country just opened up to business and everyone must start from scratch.  All of this appeals to me greatly.  You may ask, why there isn’t a flood of people going there and the answer is simple.  They people are very poor and westerners are afraid of poverty.  It makes them uncomfortable to have little children or adults solicit them on the street.  As for me, I’m right at home!  My friend and I sat a bunch of poor kids down, bought them snacks and cokes and played games like “slap hands” with them.  I had the time of my life actually.  Oh, I do have pictures posted of the trip on my website  xxxxxxxxx

If I can’t get to Vietnam just yet, then I can always stay here in Japan.  I like it here even though the Japanese mentality is backwards, upside down,  and from the moon.  But at least they keep me on my mental toes. 

Congratulations on the completion of your second year!  Also, the house you’re moving into is beautiful you lucky duck!!  It looks so nice, except you should do a little trimming in the backyard and put some shade over the hammock.  Do that, put some ice tea out and I’ll be right over!    

I can’t see you in the corporate world slaving away.  I can see Sarita the professor though quite easily.  What is it that you want however?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which path one should take since we can’t see beyond the immediate horizon isn’t it.  As for me, all I see is stormy weather if I were to go back, but an amazing adventure if I stay here.  So maybe I’m crazy to not want to come back to the USA, and will end up on a street corner somewhere asking for change somewhere but I think I’ll at least be extremely interesting to talk with. 

Sorry I missed you when I called, but perhaps it was better that way.  I sometimes miss my American friends when I’m out partying and then do a drunk dial when I get home.  It’s crazy being on a 12 hour time difference since it’s party time for me, but the middle of the day for you.  I’ve had some interesting discussions with friends on Instant Messenger and have resolved to lock my computer in the closet the next time I go out drinking!!!!   

Oh well, I wrote a novel.  So glad to keep in touch with you Sarita-San

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/