E-mail to Jeff 1.21.2004

What’s up man,

Yea, I think I’ve seen you online here and there, but I’m sure you would agree that it gets really old having people message you constantly about dumb crap.  We are the ones who used it first, and are the ones to get tired of it first right.  I still like to see who is online though and it keeps me in touch with the world even though I don’t often talk to them, it’s good to know they are there. 

As for the website, I put it up there so we could complain about anything we like.  I find it’s not enough to complain to myself, but let everyone else know as well.  And with the way the prez, is running the country at the moment, I had a lot of stuff to complain about.  So why not build a website for it eh? 

I have contact with Fundies from time to time.  I try to keep in touch but it gets difficult.  Here is what I’ve got.  Alejandro still has the same girlfriend and just bought a house with her somewhere near DC.  Scott joined the military and is studying Chinese there.  Kate was in Ohio, and I met up with her once when I came home. I haven’t had contact with her in a long time but last I knew, she got out of that shitty town in Ohio because the shitty town offered no work.  So she went to Tenn to live with her cousin.  She might also be married to her boyfriend (who was studying in Ohio) by now.  Tory is somewhere in California teaching…. U know what you gave me an idea.. I’ll make a site with everyone’s contact information and we can have an online reunion.  I’m going to be very bored during spring break soon and will have nothing better to do. 

Speaking of websites, the old fund website got erased by the Nazis at Angelfire.  I’m afraid it’s all gone.  I’ll see if I can bring it back to life, but that’s most likely a no. 

Finally, I’m going to target California pretty heavily for a job so you might be seeing me around October depending if I can get a job.  If not I still might swing by, and hope to get drunk with you and complain about the damn economy. 

Alright man, I’ll be in touch,

El Mateo

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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 11:01 AM

Subject: Re: Jeffro

Hey Maeo!  Good to hear from you.  Coming back to the States maybe huh?  Be good to see you again if you do.  Yeah, I’m down here in San Diego and just LOVIN’ it.  70 degrees in the middle of winter most days.  Definitly beats the shit out of Seattle.  No idea about the job market down here, as I currently still don’t have one myself (haven’t really gotten off my ass and/or the beach yet).  I still plan to bartend so I figure I’ll be able to hook something up when I set my mind to it.

I did check out your new website.  Looks good.  Maybe I’ll stop by sometime and post something.

And no, I don’t use ICQ anymore.  I kinda switched over to MSN messenger a while back since I didn’t know anyone who used ICQ anymore.  I don’t really even use messenger too much either, mostly just as a quick link to my spam0mail account.  My girlfriend uses that combo program (Trillian is it?)  and likes it a lot.  Anyway, if you want to find me via messenger, look up the address 

Any contact with other Fundies anymore?  I pretty much lost touch with all but yourself.  Heard Kate moved to Ohio but haven’t talked to her for months.

Keep it real.  Maybe I’ll talk to (or even see) you again sometime soon.


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Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 4:43 PM

Subject: Jeffro

Long time no hear man.  I got your e-mail and you are now in San Diego?  What’s going on there man?  Anywho, I’ll probably be needing your help this year, because I might be coming to California.  I have to find a decent job and if I can find one there, then California is the place I wanna go due to the weather and beaches.  Anyway, I’ll keep you informed. 

Did you get my e-mail about the new website?  It’s a forum where we can all rant and rave about world affairs.  My original website is at xxxxxx and this new one is at xxxxxx

Finally, do you still use ICQ?  I got this messenger that combines all of them but I forgot my orignial ICQ number.  If you still use ICQ, can you check my contact and see what the number is?  I can’t do a search online because I didn’t provide any of my real information.  Thanks man.  Hope to hear from you.


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