E-mail to Dad 1.21.2004

Hey Dad,

Not much is up.  It’s almost time for spring break so I’m going to try to pick up some more work.  I know my Japanese has improved and am feeling good about that.  I’ll be in level 4 starting the next semester and am wondering how difficult it’s going to be.  This semester was extremely tough since I was grouped in with people who have been studying Japanese for 1-4 years in their home countries.  They all had to take a test and depending how they did determined their level.  As you know, I started from scratch, and I’m
proud of the fact that I can hang with the people who are majoring in this language even though I may be more towards the bottom of the pack.

As I mentioned, spring break is about to start, and I plan to concentrate most of my energy on the job search.  The most I can do from here is send out e-mails with a resume and ask them to check out my website.  I’m going to try for a variety of positions, but am pretty sure I’m going to target San Francisco.  I can get a book from their chamber of commerce with all the international businesses located in SF.  Then I’ll try for the top, and work my way through as many as I can by e-mail.  There are some 2000 international businesses there, or so the chamber of commerce says.  I really hate the job search because it’s such an important thing, but you can
never really know how it’s going to turn out.  I have more confidence than most though, and I’ll have a focus plus strategy, so I’m not as worried as most, but you never know how it’s going to turn out.  I am extremely confident something will turn up.  Besides, if  the economy continues to be stubborn, and employers refuse to hire me, I can always wait it out here and teach English full time.  It’s not what I want to do, but it’s the option I’ll take if absolutely necessary.  If I get a job with the government (and they are actively recruiting) I can make $60 an hour, although it probably won’t be an 8 hour day, or 5 days a week.  I can also work for another company that is a sure bet (manager is a friend) and they pay $36 an hour. Of course, teaching English is a last last resort.

How is the new house working out?  I’m sure you’re extremely busy arranging and mom is going nuts since things are disorganized.  It must be pretty exciting though.  How has the Pean taken to it?  She’s got a hell’va lot more rooms to explore now.  How many beds is mom going to make for her this time? 15?

Ok, I’ll keep you informed of any progress with the job search.  I plan to use Uncle B’s advice and “Ask for the order.”  Or in other words, ask all of the companies in California for a job until I find one.

Hope all is well,

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