E-mail to Kenny 5.3.2003

So you’re finally going to graduate huh!  Wow, it’s only been what, 7 years? Ha ha ..

Man actually I’ve been missing Ohio State and doing all those school
activities.  It was a good time.  Congratulations wey.  So what degree did you finally end up getting anyway?

Regarding a job in Mexico, all I can say is good luck.  As you know Mexico is poor and millions of Mexicans come to the USA for work.  But as you know there is one skill that we can do down there they can’t, and that of course is speak English.  You are going to have some stiff competition though because most Americans want to go to Mexico or South America rather than friggin Asia like me to teach English.  If you came to Asia your job search would be extremely easy.  But if it’s Mexico only then you’ll have to work.

The best website for International English teachers is:


there is also a section for job postings

http://www.eslcafe.com/joblist/ .

It’s cool because on the site you can read the comments of teachers who have taught there and get the real scoop on the company.  For example I taught for the most famous English school among teachers and almost all of their comments were extremely acrimonious.  In all honesty, I had a fine time teaching for the company and I think most of the complaints are coming from
losers who would complain about most things (although there is a bit of truth to their comments).

A specific international English teaching company I can recommend is Berlitz.  They are famous, international, and won’t cheat you.

  Again, competition must be pretty stiff, so good luck.

I recommend that you stress any English teaching abilities and or experience you have (anything at all).  I wouldn’t stress your Spanish ability so much because most places employ the total English method where you’re not allowed to speak in the students native language.  The company I worked for was super strict about this, but it really didn’t matter because what gringo speaks Japanese you know.

Good luck man and check my website in about a month or so.  I’m getting a digital camcorder and will have video up soon.

Mateo de la Villa


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Hey bro word up… how’s japan treatin you? Are planning on staying there for a couple more years or do you got some other plans?

Well I’m graduating this quarter!!! And I wanna find a job in Mexico… hopefully monterrey or morelia… since you seem to have some insight in international job searches, I was wandering if you could give me any tips… whether it’s a corporate job or something similar to what you’re doing, teaching English…

Later wey…

Lic. Kenny G.

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