E-mail to Dad 5.18.2003

Sis, I sent this message to your hotmail account but it came back saying it didn’t work.  So I’m sending it to your AOL address..  

Hello Mom, Dad and Sis, 

How are things back home?  I still haven’t seen any one of you online from MSN instant messenger.  That tells me that you are all busy as usual and I can pretty much guess what you are all doing.  

I’m keeping my eye on the flight tickets because I’m really itching to get home.  Being here for two long makes you crazy.  I started losing my head there for a while and was unhappy all the time but I’m starting to come around again.  That’s normal though for living abroad,, you’re gonna have your ups and downs.  But I do need to get away from these people for a while and go back to good old Columbus where the normal people live.  As you know my buddy Ryan is planning a visit in July and it will be good to have some company from home.  

Yesterday, H and I went to an American Chamber of Commerce cookout at a military recreational ground.  Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, but we had a decent time anyway.  If it was nice then it would have been so much better because of the activities there.  We could have gone horseback riding, done archery, played volleyball etc.  But nope it was cold and rainy.  We did get to eat some good old American food though such as baked beans, chili, hotdogs and hamburgers.  I’m sure you can guess what the baked beans did to me later that night.  I smelled so bad H ordered me to go outside. ha ha.  

Today is Sunday and the weather is gray and cool.  I plan on doing some more work on my webpage and I’ve started an online journal that I get around to writing in once in a while.  I’ll also be putting up tons of pictures so you can keep track of me.  

I think the digital camera should be arriving shortly so if you could please send that to me when it gets there.  Also, as I mentioned before I ordered a video game and video from Sam Goody that will arive maybe in the next three weeks or so.  Please keep a lookout for that as well.  

I’m really looking forward to coming home in August.  I plan on being there August 1st.  I’ll let you know when I buy the tickets.  

Miss you all,


——————————————–> Dear ACCJ Member,
> Thank you for signing up for the ACCJ Family Barbecue and Chili Cook-Off!
> Plenty of good food, fun, and company will be waiting for you at beautiful
> Tama Hills. In the meantime, please read this important notice about
> security requirements at the venue.
>                       ***>>> IMPORTANT NOTICE <<<<***
> Tama Hills Recreation Center is a U.S. military facility and has a strict
> security setup. We have to follow the rules like everyone else to use it,
> and that means only those people named on the BBQ attendance list will be
> admitted (no substitutions or add-ons, please).
> >> ID You Need to Bring
> A photo ID is required for ALL attendees 13 years of age or older. Foreign
> nationals residing in Japan must present their certificate of alien
> registration or passport. Foreign nationals not residing in Japan, please
> present your passport; Japanese nationals, please present your Japanese
> driver’s license or passport.
> >> We’re On, Rain or Shine
> We want you to know that the event will be held rain or shine. Just in
> it does rain, we’ve got tarps to keep everything dry.
> Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you
> there!
> ACCJ Staff

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