Mexico – 7.14.1999

This was a VERY busy day.  It is the first day of our week long field trip.  Our first stop was at a rural farm where we learned about the concerns of the rural Campesino.  After that we went to a small dairy shop where they made everything right there.  Afterward it was off to the ceramic shop where we saw how they make ceramics.

The most interesting part of the day is what we had for lunch.  It was real Mexican tacos!  Teh only thing I thought I could stomach were the potatoes with a dab of guacamole in a tortilla.  They had things like pig’s blood and corn with corn mold on it.  Prof. Ladman was trying to get us to eat it but there was no way that was happening.  Greg lives on a farm and he said that they scrape that stuff out of the barrels of corn and “throw it over the hill.”  

When we finally got back to the hotel we were all starving and found a good restaurant at the plaza.  I finally found sopa de mariscos!!  It was extremely spicy though.  Hisam was throwing a fit because they brought his hamburger with bacon on it and he hates any meat from a pig.  He asked them to make a new one but they brought the same hamburger back twice (so he says) and he wouldn’t touch it.

Also, while we were eating this cute little beggar girl and boy came up to us.  The little girl was so adorable when she would count the number of chicklets that you took.  It was also a bit sad and you wish you could just take them away and give them the life of a normal American child.  The little boy was just funny.  He kept saying “compra” with a big smile.  I gave him $0.50 and he goes “falta cinquenta.”  It was hilarious.  I told him I didnt’ have anymore but he had already seen what I put back into my pocket.  So I say “es dinero falso.”  He looked at me with a big cheezy smile and goes “No, es cierto.”  I was so amused that I gave him a dollar and took a picture with him and his little friend.  

We went back to the hotel for a bit after that and everyone was planning to go to the disco but of course everyone backed out except for Jen, the Farm Boys and I.  Oh, Kathy went out this time and Alma came too.  It was Wednesday so not much was going on but we found a sit down place that had a live singer who was playing popular songs.  Not much to really report about that night other than Greg being drunk and saying “Hey Baby,” every five seconds.  

By Mateo de Colón

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