Mexico – 7.11.1999 – Discotecas in Cuernavaca

This past weekend was great.  We had 2 free days on Saturday and Sunday.  It all started this past Friday.  We travelled to Mexico City to see a museum of history and then went to a smaller pueblo to eat.  Then the weekend began.  Most of the group was supposed to go to Cuernavaca but most of them backed out.  I think they got nervous about the tests on Monday.  So it ended up being Matt, Jennifer, the Farm Boys and I.  When we first arrived in Cuernavaca we got settled in our hotel and then it began to pour rain.  After about an hour or so it stopped and we all got 40s to start the night.  Jen had studied in Cuernavaca before and knew where all the good clubs were.  

I forget the name of the club we went to that first night but it was pretty trendy.  Arriving at the door they would only let a few people in at a time and mostly couples.  We waited for around twenty minutes and they finally let Jen and the Farm Boys in.  Matt and I had to wait an extra 20 minutes.  The reason they did this was to keep the ratio of guys to girls reasonable.  After we finally got in we joined the others and ordered a few rounds.  I made the mistake of doing a double shot of tequila so slow that I almost puked.  I had to sit still and fight the gag reflex for about fifteen minutes.  After about an hour they finally started playing real discotech music with a bang.  The lighting effects and smoke began too.  This was a pretty uppity club.  

We all went out to dance and I really began to miss Spain and the friends I Made there when they played the songs they used to play in La Marea all the time.  It almost made me depressed.  The night dragged on and I returned to the table to find Greg conversing with an older looking guy who was with young girls and flashing around his money.  He bought us drinks of cognac and coke.  It tasted pretty bad though so I didn’t drink it.  Greg however was just as drunk as the guy was and they were carrying on.  I went back to dancing for a while and when I returned things had gone awry between Greg and the guy.  The guy was wasted and crying and fighting with his friends.  I asked this group of Mexican girls what had happened and they told me Greg had gotten up and ran to the bathroom.

When I found him he told me the guy had tried to sell him drugs then said he was part of the DEA.  I assured him the guy was just a wacko and that DEA agents don’t get wasted at bars and then try and bust people.  However, we thought it was a good time to leave.  The next day we finally got to sleep in for the first time in a long time.  It was so nice to have free time and just sit by the pool.  There were palm trees , nice smells and the sun was out.  I just sat by the pool and read my book “The Conquest of Mexico,” which was EXTREMELY interesting.  We also went to the market and bought hammocks for only 13 dollars.  

I was the only one who went to the Palacio de Cortes for a little history.  After all that I sat by the pool a little more and took a nap until we went out that night.  This club was pretty trendy as well, however they let us right in when they spotted our blond hair.  We sat down but all the tables were reserved except for a couple up top the waiter told us.  He said we had to order a lot to get those tables but we didn’t know what we were goign to get yet so we just sat up top.  We ended up ordering a bottle of Absolute Vodka to  make Screwdrivers. .  The waiter saw this and asked us why we didn’t tell him before and that he would try to get us a table closer to the dance floor.  

As the night went on we met people from Texas and chatted with them.  I went down to dance and danced with this cute Mexican girl for a while but then she left and I went back up to talk with the Texans.  I also met a nice Mexican girl while sitting there but I have a girlfriend so nothing happened although she did give me her number.  

That night was also Kyle’s birthday and we got him wasted.  When he got up to leave he bumped the table and broke a few glasses.  ON the way home we saw some prostitutes and Greg (who speaks NO Spanish) yells “No tengo dinero!”  He was wasted so it was pretty funny.  We arrived at the hotel and Kyle and Greg were blasted.  Greg says “ya see that tree?” And Kyle goes “Ya gonna hump it?”  It was so stupid coming from this drunkard that it was hilarious.  The next morning we had to get up early to wait for the group to pick us up and go to Tasco.  We basically just shopped for silver there but the streets were so narrow and in disarray that it reminded me so much of Toledo.  I really like Mexico but I really loved Spain.  I am starting to love this trip as well and need to quit comparing it to SPAIN!  

*Note:  Club Barba Azul 

By Mateo de Colón

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