Mexico – 7.1.1999

Today was the longest day of my life.  I find it very hard to start class at 9 and continue with almost no free time until 4.  I really have a hard time following what Prof. Gonzalez has to say.  His English is decent but I don’t feel the material is very organized.  When I force myself to pay attention I find the material to be very scattered and difficult to follow.  I also think a few professors go off on tangents.  It’s not that the material isn’t interesting but I think the professors are just trying to cover so much that they skim over a lot of stuff and forget to stress the important points.  

The one class I did like today was Spanish.  It gives us time to go outside and relax.  The problem with the class is that everyone is on a different level of Spanish.  Jennifer, Nadia and I are the only ones who understand what is going on.  Us 3 are the only ones who talk.  The other students just don’t have the vocabulary to express themselves.  When this happens they professor keeps talking and the others get more lost.  IT’s good that he is trying to get the students to speak but I think they may need a few more Spanish classes.  He has asked the students to prepare something to say on the topic for next time.  However, they will simply prepare a paragraph, read it, and then go back to being lost.  It is nice to be outside though. 

By Mateo de Colón

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