Trip to Maui, Hawaii

I have been completely drained of energy since our return on a Thursday night red-eye flight after a fun yet exhausting five day trip to Maui, Hawaii. Part of it is probably jet-lag, another part is that I’m 44 and finally I’m most likely in an energy deficit since the trip was nonstop activity for…… Continue reading Trip to Maui, Hawaii

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What COVID Did to My Favorite Ramen Restaurant

Ramen Dojo was hands down the best ramen restaurant in the Bay Area. I went there for the first time in about five years and was sorely disappointed. I wish you all the best Ramen Dojo, please come back! Link:

Hildreth’s “Japan as it was and is”- My Notes and Thoughts

I prefer “historical books” to “history books.” That is to say I want first hand accounts of the times being described and thus be drawn as fully as possible into that time period. By reading first hand accounts I am able to connect with the feelings, the mindset, the zeitgeist of the times, whereas history…… Continue reading Hildreth’s “Japan as it was and is”- My Notes and Thoughts

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Thoughts of Paris

It is 6:48 AM on Sunday, March 6th, 2022. I’m listening to Je te veux by one of my favorite composers Erik Satie Je te veux – Erik Satie The title being French and the music a melody of light, playful notes make me think of perhaps a spring promenade in Paris. I’ve only…… Continue reading Thoughts of Paris