Trip to Toledo Spain

It had been twenty five years since I’d last visited Toledo. I was a student and had just wrapped up the best six months I’d ever had. I had learned to converse in Spanish which was a great boost for my academic ego and had a lot of fun on top of it. I had…… Continue reading Trip to Toledo Spain

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Trip to Paris

It has been twenty two years since I last visited Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t write much about that visit except in this entry from December, 2000. I was a student then wrapping up my six months studying French in Lyon and Besançon. My fellow students are now mothers and fathers with teenage children living the…… Continue reading Trip to Paris

Mysteries of the Unknown: Psychic Voyages

I’ve just finished the second book in this series. I didn’t highlight as many things as I did with Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects but did find some good nuggets. Calloway claimed that he went on to experience many of these so-called dreams of knowledge, in which the realization that he was dreaming allowed him…… Continue reading Mysteries of the Unknown: Psychic Voyages


When it rains, look for rainbows.When it’s dark, look for stars. Unknown

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Journal Entry 5.25.2022

It is Wednesday May 25th, 2022, the day before my 45th birthday. As I see that birthday number I’ve just written, I’m put into a state of shock. How can I possibly be turning 45? That is old and old is not something I thought I’d ever become. To the young, youth is eternal. If…… Continue reading Journal Entry 5.25.2022