The beginning of 2020

I am fascinated by the passage of time. The beginning of 2020 serves as a marker of not only a new year but also a new decade. Unfortunately the beginning of this decade didn’t start out well.

I learned that my father-in-law is in pretty bad shape and there isn’t any hope of a recovery. There was also another anxiety causing health issue in the family stateside. The USA almost went to war with Iran. Work was hectic with all the usual beginning of the year frenzy. I had a cold. I got honked at twice because Californians still don’t know how to drive.

My wife ended up going back to Japan for a week.

Update 2.19.20

I was about to write another entry but thought I’d check to see if I had posted yet this year. To my surprise there was this partial entry above so I thought I’d just do an update to this one instead.

My father-in-law passed away and so a few weeks after the post above we all went back to Japan. I had to come back early for work and my family arrives this morning. I will write him a memorial post.

Due to the above the beginning of this year has been rough. In addition there have been a lot of changes at work as we strive to become a world class sales organization. This means we have a lot more sales people, territories have changed and we now have metrics in place. By metrics I mean tracking all of our activities in Salesforce and having set goals to achieve. This isn’t something account managers like to do but my company is a great one and all this growth is exciting. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and so I’m very motivated to do my best and achieve outstanding results.

However, I have not been motivated recently to do much else such as updating this blog, working out or reading. With my family back this morning perhaps I’ll get back into the normal schedule.

It is now February and as usual I mark the passing of time. The robins have come back and I’ve seen them gathering at the bird bath. They do not come in the numbers they used to but I imagine that is because the large berry trees where they would feed were cut down by my neighbors. Robins are special to me because their songs in the morning remind me of my high school years when I would go to work on Raymond Golf Course. Their songs were loud as I walked from my home through the golf course to the maintenance barn. At 5:00 AM it seemed like they and I were the only ones awake in the world.

Well, need to cut this short, time to go pick up the family!

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