Journal Entry – 7.7.19

It is 7:17 PM on Sunday July 7th, 2019. The long holiday weekend is coming to an end and a busy week is ahead.

I’ve gotten quite a few things done from my “to do” list. I re-recorded my childhood tape where I’d tape my own voice. I recorded it using my Samsung and now have it in computer file. I ordered a new screen for the door and should be able to fix it myself. The final thing I’ll do this week is to finish Game of Thrones. I’ve got the finale left and will watch it after this post.

As for the main subject of this post I wanted to write about being ‘middle age’ and as my buddy will put it “an age related catastrophic loss of lust for life and personality.” I’ve noticed this among my peer group and have experienced a bit of it myself. As for my friends, this is evident when they don’t bother to write back when I let people know I’m coming into town. I update the high school class blog but get very few responses and only a third showed up to the reunion. This happens even with friends you thought would definitely show up or even write a comment when they were back in high school. Many people drop off the map completely.

As for me, I find I have to make a conscious effort to bring joy back into life. Working out helps, trying new things helps but the joy just doesn’t come easily and naturally as it did when I was younger. My mood is just even without joy but also without too much sadness. Such is middle age I guess. I also assume my mood is a bit down because I miss my family. I’m all alone for an entire month although I try to keep myself occupied.

My mood tonight is somber as I’m not looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. On the upside it does keep me busy and I’ve got a lot to do but I would rather have another day of vacation.

Well, I don’t feel like writing anymore at the moment. Time to get back to Game of Thrones.

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