A Life of Forgetfulness

I’m 41 years old.  I’ve always considered myself to have a very good memory as I can remember events from my childhood in full resolution.  I also remember all of my old friendships and could pickup with my friends right were we left off even two decades later.

However, in interacting with my old acquaintances on Facebook I’ve learned this is uncommon.  There are a few I’ve reached out to and they either do not respond, they are not the same people I remember or the interaction is very brief.  Why is it I can remember our old friendships so clearly when they cannot?

I have noticed that at this age I am also forgetting memories.  Why is it I can remember my Dad’s 40th birthday party clearly but not my own?  I cannot recall one day of high school from start to finish even though I was there from Monday to Friday every week?

Books I have read are no longer familiar to me and I only recall a few select bits and pieces.  Now when I read books I’ve started to highlight my favorite parts and write them down in this journal.  By doing this I can more easily recall what the book was about.  Why do I forget so much?

I’m very thankful for this blog and that I’ve kept it for most of my life.  I enjoy looking up old entries and remembering how I felt, what my mindset was and what I was concerned with.

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By Mateo de Colón

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