Journal Entry – 7.13.2018

It is 7:58 PM on Friday, July 13th.  The fog has moved in and the birds are screeching among the trees.  It is an ominous evening and perfectly suited for Friday the 13th.

This has been one of the busier weeks I’ve had in a while as far as work is concerned.  With the new job I need to have many meetings per week, there is a lot of research to do in my portfolio and of course still much to learn.  Today was very busy and I learned a lot.  I find that I like being busy with work and being back with the airlines very satisfying.  I actually look forward to it and haven’t felt that way about work in a long time.

Another reason I look forward to it is I took advantage of a promotion through T-Mobile Tuesdays which had one of their better offerings:  three months free of SiriusXM.  So I’ve tuned in to the 80s and 90s stations which really take me back and make me happy.  They play songs that don’t make the regular playlists, these are songs I had long since forgotten about and it is nice to hear them again.  It is important in life to change things up once in a while, keep everything fresh and new and this is exactly what I have done.  The new job is of course a big change but the simple act of listening to songs I’d long forgotten make me happy.

I was extremely productive today and it seems that tiredness I was experiencing has now mostly gone.  I was motivated and it shows through the progress I made not only in work but also in numerous chores I also completed.

So here I sit, having just finished two episodes of Game of Thrones, in a quiet house where I can do anything I want!  And so what do I do?  I take a shower early, eat dinner and do nothing special.  It is nice and peaceful.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up, do some more chores and head to karate.  I may also even go to the banya again for a good sweat and some relaxation.  I do have to go to a goodbye party for a distant relative who is moving to Austin but other than that plan on doing nothing special again.

How odd to think that having the free time I do now I choose to not go out.  Being that my close circle of friends all happen to be in Japan at the moment I realize that I really am pretty much alone.  It is a strange thought since just a few short years ago I’d be calling people up and heading out into the city.  That no longer holds any interest for me, I’ve grown up and aged.  I’m no longer a young 30 something always looking for excitement.

Life moves by very quickly and I’m very glad I’ve written most of it down.  How many people can say they’ve kept a journal since 1990?  Life passes by quickly indeed and before you know it you’re sitting in a robe on a foggy evening writing in your journal.  You have absolutely no interest in going out on the town and look forward to going to bed early.  How can this be me?

The universe played a funny trick on me yesterday.  Being 41 you see some of your acquaintances getting divorced and I discovered another one while browsing through Facebook pages.  I hadn’t visited his page in years but decided to see what he was up to and sure enough it was divorce.  Then wouldn’t you know he messaged me the following day asking for a kanji translation which I was able to decipher.  It is little things like this that make me think we’re living in some sort of simulation, or that the universe plays games with us.  These instances are subtle and you have to watch for them but sure enough they happen.  You think of something and sure enough it appears.  I thought I’d like a new job but needed the perfect opportunity and it magically presented itself.  Something we cannot perceive is going on here yet we have absolutely no idea what type of game is being played.

Well, I think I’ll watch two more episodes of GoT then off to bed.  After all karate tomorrow and the day will be busy.

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By Mateo de Colón

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