6.1.2018 – Last day at company

The time is 8:49 PM on Friday, June 1st 2018.  It was my last day of work at the company I’ve been with for almost seven years.  It is surprising how quickly the last few days go compared to the beginning of the possible change.  There are interviews upon interviews, drug tests, background checks and then you’re offered the new job.  Next comes the two week notice, calls with the bosses and preparations are made for the departure but for the most part the daily routine is business as usual.  Then in the beginning of the last week things pick up and the change becomes real.

You have to inform your customers, make preparations for the new job, say goodbyes, delete sensitive material off the laptop and finally turn everything in.  Then it is done.

After I dropped off the work car the wife and I went to In and Out Burger for lunch and I wondered what the first thing I would do would be when I got home.  It was strange not having a blackberry on my waist (yes I still used one because I really didn’t like our IT people and the less interaction the better) and having it buzz with e-mails on some fire drill or another.  It was strange not having to worry if a major account would renew or finally contacting those who just don’t respond.  I was finished!

And so what did I do?  I had wanted to write right away but I decided to get the blower out and clean up the front and back of the house of all the leaves.  I then took a nap.  Everyone came home and we went to karate and did both the regular class and fighting class.  We came home, showered, ate sushi and watched Coco which was a great movie.

Now I only have one day of absolute freedom before I dive into the new adventure.  Tomorrow I’ll go to karate then prepare for training.  The good thing is I’m already familiar with airlines, what needs to be done and will basically be doing the same thing I did in the past but for airlines.  This is a good move and I’m very happy to have made it.  It will become even more real when I’m sitting in training classes for four days, then shadowing, then more training.  In my previous job I was on autopilot and could sleepwalk through the day.  Now I’ll have to think, get things organized and make a lot of sales calls.

I’m looking forward to reading this post in the future because this is a big change and in a year or two I’ll be settled in the new position and have everything under control.  But for now, it is time for bed.

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By Mateo de Colón

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