Journal Entry – 8.23.2017

It is 4:17 AM on August 23rd, 2017.  My oldest son woke up at 3:00 AM and woke me up at the same time.  Unlike him I cannot go back to sleep so easily so here I am writing a post at a very early hour.  In my previous post I mentioned how I’d like to get back into the routine of getting up early and I guess he helped me do that.

I cannot remember my dream but like most dreams these days it wasn’t too pleasant.  Most people cannot remember their dreams but the trick is to remember the last scene before you wake up and then ‘walk it back.’  However, I do not wish to remember my dreams of late and thus haven’t written any of them down.  I haven’t had any pleasant dreams for a while which I guess comes from stress at work.  Outside of work the only stress is finally getting the house repainted and a few shingles on the roof repaired and those are in the works.  The other issue is that my youngest’s birthday package never arrived and we don’t have the tracking number.  It is unlikely USPS is so late so there is a possibility it was stolen off the front porch.

This possibility has made me reexamine my Doorbird, front door camera.  I now have it set up to record motion detection separately and these short clips are now listed in the alert panel.  Previously it recorded everything and kept the logs for about three days when 60GB of space was reached then deleted.  Now I should have more useful motion clips so will be checking it to see how it is working.  It is too bad that one even needs outdoor cameras these days but that is the way things are.  Pacifica has been getting a lot of home burglaries these past few months and so I’ve been paying more attention to my surveillance software.  I feel much better now that I’ve got the Doorbird set up to be more useful.

Since I’m up so early, I have time for this post and will soon decide if I should try to get more sleep or workout.  If I start working out at 5:00 AM I can be done by 7:30 AM before everyone awakes.  I really need to ensure that I work out at least 3-4 times a week because I’ve only worked out three times in the past two weeks and that simply isn’t enough.  I do have my wheatgrass grown and ready to drink and have been drinking it.

In other news I took a look at Trump’s speech in Arizona on the news.  It is better than I hadn’t.  Again, I really need to concentrate on removing myself from the national news because it is never good these days.

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