Journal Entry 8.22.2017 – Evening

It is 6:24 PM on August 22nd, 2017.  This is the first time I think I’ve posted twice in one day.  I’m sitting in my shed/clubhouse/office out back.  It is just a normal shed that held the usual gardening materials and contained what most sheds do for five years, then I got an idea.

I was in the garage cleaning things up when I thought about what I could do with the leftover wood flooring that had been there ever since we bought the place.  The idea then occurred to me I could put it down in the shed.  And since I was going to do that, why not clean up the shed and make it into an office/clubhouse?  So that is what I did, I cleaned it out, put the wood flooring down and then looked for furniture.  Here in California it can be hard to get rid of big items without paying money so many people will put out old furniture they no longer want for free.  I checked and saw a perfectly sized desk for the shed, asked if it was still available and then drove straight over.  I couldn’t believe how perfect this desk is for a small space like this.

I didn’t have enough wood flooring to cover it all so I made half of the small space and office and the other half my ‘greenhouse’ and place to keep the gardening materials.  Over the past couple months I’ve been adding decorations with my favorites being items from my past I brought from home such as an Ohio State flag and items I had hanging in my apartment in college.  I also have a few of my favorite pictures of my kids as well as memorabilia from Waseda University where I studied Japanese and a souvenir from the Mt. Fuji summit as well as my stamped walking stick.  Therefore, it makes this space not only a great office but something that connects me with my past.  I really don’t know how I worked from home all those years without this quiet place of solitude.

The kids are now running around playing inside and I won’t get into too much trouble if I sneak off to my clubhouse to write a quick post now and then.  Once I go back in I’ve promised my oldest that we’ll play Beavis and Butthead, an old game on Sega.  I don’t like that game because we can never make it past the sewer.  But Kai likes that the characters burp and fart and so I have to play it now and then with him.  I’m looking forward to Christmas when we’ll get the Nintendo Switch and can play some state of the art games as well as multiplayer games.

The weather is cool as usual here and I find it hard to believe that we’ve only got a few months left of 2017.  Time really has been going quickly since my family went to Japan and I went to Ohio, Japan and then we all came back home together.

Right now I hear my youngest yelling a lot in the house.  I think he was doing something naughty and I can imagine my wife calling me back into the madness to help out.  It is good to have a quiet space of solitude indeed.

Well, I better get back inside the main house.

Kai also just came out and said “Are you almost done?”  It is time to get back indeed, he has been patient.

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