Journal Entry – 1.16.2016

New Year's Training 2016 at Ocean Beach

It is 5:53 AM.  I woke up much earlier but was pretty exhausted from the day before so went back to sleep and finally got out of bed at five.  Whenever I sleep longer than I should my dreams become progressively more strange.  I wonder if there is a scientific reason for that?

Yesterday I got out of bed at 2:30 AM and had a very productive morning.  I first drank wheatgrass, did the dishes, meditated, completed my post about 2016 and then it was off to New Year’s training on the beach.

New Year’s Training 2016 at Ocean Beach

Training was originally scheduled for the 7th but there was rain so rescheduled for yesterday.  We dressed warmly but without wind even 45 degrees didn’t feel very cold to me.  It was a great experience and looking out at the ocean that early in the morning made me feel alive.  I saw a few people out running, walking their dogs, some in the water some out and I thought how I should try running on the beach in the early morning.  This made me think about how we so easily get set into routines and how hard it can be to break out of them.

The beach is all of three minutes from my house yet I’ve never considered going for a run on it in the early morning.  I do not like running but doing so in the early morning by the ocean is something that really appeals to me. Then it becomes not only exercise but something close to a spiritual experience; it is the kind of thing that really makes me feel alive.  I have the same feeling when sitting on a surfboard in the ocean, or am about to slide down a mountain on my snowboard, or when I take a moment to contemplate a beautiful vista while on a hike.

The time is now 6:21 AM and it is still very dark outside.  It looks like it will be a beautiful day so I’ll need to discuss with the wife what the plans will be.  If she has plans with the kids then I think I’ll do one or two of the following:  go on a hike, catch up on reading, do more gardening, take a nap, organize, or maybe even watch one of my shows or two.

I haven’t been able to watch any episodes of the very few shows I’m interested in due to violence, sex and language which seem to pervade every good show these days.  We’ve finished Downton Abbey which was the only show we didn’t need to shield the kids eyes from.  The only shows I have interest in are: Game of Thrones, The Man in the High Castle and various others mostly dealing with Vikings, kings and medieval times but that have too much realistic violence.

By Mateo de Colón

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