Journal Entry – 11.20.2016

It is 5:29 AM.  My body is tired and sore from the double karate session yesterday but I like the feeling as it reminds me that I got a good workout in.

Today the dojo is meeting at the historic Roxie Theater to watch a movie – Take a Chance – made by the Grand Master (Saiko Shihan) of World Oyama Karate, Yasuhiko Oyama.  In addition to being a famous martial artist he is also a filmmaker and has made what looks like a really great movie judging from this trailer.  It follows a young kid (Mackenyu Chiba) who leaves Japan and becomes an Uchi Deshi (live in student) at World Oyama headquarters in Alabama.

*Side Note – The main actor is Mackenyu Chiba (very popular in Japan) and he is the son of Sonny Chiba, a famous martial arts actor (Kill Bill – Hattori Hanzu).  Sonny studied under Mas Oyama and so did the Grandmaster of Oyama Karate, Yasuhiko Oyama (no relation to Mas).  Therefore, it must be the connection of studying under Mas Oyama which helped place Sonny’s son Mackenyu in the lead role for this movie?

I’m going there with my son and then it is to his birthday party.  Today isn’t his actual birthday but we’re doing a joint party with one of his classmates and this is the day that worked out best for everyone.

The weather is rainy which of course for California is a big deal.  I hope we get a bit more rain today as we not only need it but it really fits with the season.  As I mentioned in my previous post last week was extremely busy so I had no time to get into the holiday spirit.  Today however should be pretty slow as nobody wants to really work and many have taken off the entire week.

The only thing I have on the calendar is a lunch at the historic Hotel Mac up in Point Richmond.  I take two corporate customers there every year at this time pretty much just to catch up.  I also like the holiday decorations they put up.

Hotel Mac 2012 visit:
Hotel Mac 2013 visit:

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