Journal Entry – 11.19.2014

It is 4:57 AM.  I woke up at 3:30 AM, got a number of things done and just now am getting around to writing.

It was a busy and difficult week.  On Monday I had a quarterly business review at my top customer.  It is a world famous and premier technology company and so the review takes a lot of preparation and there are a lot of takeaways to get accomplished afterwards.  After the meeting we went to lunch at Chaya and it was very good.

On Tuesday there was an industry event and I ended up going out with a few attendees to a bar after the social hour.  I didn’t get home late but it was a long day and left me pretty tired on Wednesday.

Wednesday was supposed to be a lunch with another customer in San Jose.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had to cover that area quite a lot since there hasn’t been a rep and we had problems with the one we hired.  A second new hire has been brought on board and I’ve got to help her out and thus attend lunches with her and her customers.  Luckily it was cancelled because I really wasn’t in the mood for a lunch that day.  I also needed to prepare for business review 2016.

On Thursday was business review and it was pretty easy as far as business reviews go.  There were only two slides but one of top executives attended and so it did add a tiny bit of stress.  I’ve done these reviews so many times in the past however that I really wasn’t nervous at all.  After review everyone went for dinner at Il Fornaio and the food wasn’t very good.  We had rented a 12 passenger van and I was the driver since I’m local.  I really don’t like driving that bus but was happy to help out.  I didn’t get home until about 9:30 PM that night.

On Friday I returned the bus, caught up with some people at the office and then played a bit of catchup.  The e-mail wasn’t too heavy as I think people are shutting down a bit for the holiday week next week.  And speaking of which I was so busy this week that I almost forgot to go order the turkey!  The turkey was ordered and on Friday I even was able to make it to karate class.

So here I am on Saturday morning and surprise, it is a busy weekend as usual.  We have karate this morning and then in the evening there is a ‘girls night out,’ which means the guys will get together somewhere and open up a bottle of wine while the kids run around and the women are enjoying social time at some restaurant.

This coming week the only thing I have scheduled for work is a lunch on Tuesday. I’m really hoping that all my customers have taken off or at least that there will be no fires.  Nobody really wants to work next week and I promise I won’t be adding anything to their workload for sure.

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