Journal Entry – the only constant is change

It has been a week full of anxiety.  The first was the entire sales organization got an e-mail for a conference call in two hours with the top leadership.  I do not recall ever having a conference call with the top leadership and when it is sudden you know there is going to be a significant change.

As is often the case they gave us a high level overview but did not discuss the details.  Everyone knows the devil is in the details and those conference calls would be done on a local level; ours was scheduled for the next morning.  Therefore, we were all left wondering what was in store throughout the day.

In short, my boss was moved to another role and I’ll be reporting to my old boss again which is just fine!  Reorganizations of entire departments are stressful for everyone because you never know if you’ll have to dust off the resume.  Luckily for me this change, even though it is huge, is not a big deal for my role in the company.  I’m glad that is over.

The second thing that has made this week quite stressful is that I learned through Facebook that the daughter of one of my high school classmates was life flighted to the hospital with brain swelling and bleeding.  My classmate has asked for prayers and is giving updates on Facebook.  I think as far as uses of Facebook go this is probably one of the best.  Her entire family is going through something nobody has to go through and they need support.  Facebook has the power to reach the maximum amount of friends and thus a broad array of both prayer and support.

Unfortunately at this stage it seems things are not going well and this has put me in such a low and sad place for her, her family and daughter. Losing a child in my opinion is worse than losing anyone else and is something nobody should ever have to go through.  So they’ve been on my mind since early yesterday and for one who does not believe in ‘prayer’ per se I’m praying for that little one and to see a recovery at this stage would make me reconsider my current beliefs.

—Update 6.21.2016—

Macy did not make it.  This has to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced and it is very hard to stop thinking about.  Life is so precious, so fragile and at times slips away so easily.  Unfortunately it takes moments like this to wake us up from our stupor and realize how great of a gift life is.  To see the updates on Facebook was absolutely heart wrenching and many people like myself who had never even met Macy were absolutely devastated when we learned she wouldn’t pull through.  Hell, I was out with my friends having drinks and I actually cried thinking about this!  I don’t remember the last time I cried and I’ve seen plenty of death.

Anyway, it was asked that everyone light a candle for Macy and post it with the hashtag #candlesformacy.  So that is exactly what I did:  I went to the trail right next to Rockaway Beach where there is an outcropping with a meditation labyrinth and one often sees memorials.  I wanted my candle to be there and to look out over the ocean and pray in my own way for Macy and her family.

Memorial candle

By Mateo de Colón

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