This Morning

It is 6:15 AM and I’ve just returned from the gym.  I received a surprise this morning when I looked down at my shoes and saw they didn’t match. When I get up at 4 I rarely turn on the light and am usually pretty good about dressing myself in the dark but seems I made an error at the end.


While I’m on the elliptical I like to listen to music and think instead of watching any of the various TVs they have above.  I find that watching the news never puts me in a good mood and so I try never to do so.  In fact, I’m trying to break out of the USA news bubble and get the news from somewhere that offers actual substance and allows me to learn. I erased Flipboard and Google Newsstand and tried going with just Reuters.  I’ve found that Reuters is really only good for headlines and so I tried Wikinews but they don’t offer much.

However, just yesterday I found a fantastic source and that is the Worldnews subreddit on Reddit.  You not only get news but can learn a thing or two from the comments.  One thing I’ve learned recently is how terrible of a country Saudi Arabia actually is.  The USA has tied themselves to that faction of Islam and the ruling class are pretty horrible to their people.  One thing I really didn’t like is when I learned  Saudi royal family member sexually abused a maid in LA.  She had blood on her face and had to escape over a wall.  And you know what happened to the Saudi family member?  Nothing!  They say that nobody is above the law in the USA but that simply isn’t true.  Looking at Saudi Arabia it makes me think how little progress has been made in various governments since the Middle Ages.  Here is a family that takes over a country, rules with an iron fist and should the world ever get off their oil addiction these members would piss off to go live in London while their entire population experiences extreme upheaval. I really hope for the best with their population but they really need to get rid of the House of Saud one of these days.

In other news, when I look out over the Pacific I once again see the familiar lights of the crab boats.  Crab season has finally started after a long delay due to a toxin found in crab meat.  It is a neat experience to look out into the darkness and see so many lights, it is almost surreal.

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By Mateo de Colón

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