Monday, November 9 Journal Entry

We had our first real rainstorm today for what promises to be a wet winter which we desperately need.  It hasn’t rained much since last winter and so unlike Ohio where rain is a normal occurrence it is a pretty big event here in the Bay Area.  There was even thunder and lightning which my son learned the words for today.  After breakfast we went to the window and actually caught the best lightning strike of the storm which seemed to hit a power converter as an area down the hill lit up in a brief orange glow.  The strike also knocked out our power for about 20 seconds.

As the storm progressed I remembered the poor pill bugs my son had made a home for and that they were most likely getting flooded.  I ran outside with the umbrella and there was a substantial amount of water in the bucket.  I took it to the shed, emptied it and so far it seems that they will be OK.  I’ll have to look up how long a pill bug can survive underwater but I imaging they are pretty tough as they do live out in nature.  While I was outside I also learned it is definitely time to clean out the gutters which are full of Eucalyptus leaves and had the water spilling over the edges.

As I write this the storm is now over but I am hoping we get a few more before the system passes through completely.

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