Chilling Memento

This junk item in World of Warcraft, “Chilling Memento” gave me pause when I read its description.

“A haunting reminder of a life long since expired.”  

It reminded me of my fascination with long forgotten graveyards on which I even devoted a post; Graveyards and The Meaning of Life.  We all live, have experiences, love others and have others that love us.  But all too soon it is over and a hundred or two years later we are all pretty much forgotten.  

However, when a memento is found, especially something that was precious to someone who died long ago a mysterious feeling arises as though we can feel their essence as though their spirit is drawing close.  Even if we never knew them the mere act of gazing upon the memento and thinking about the person who owned it conjures up a profound feeling, something explainable.  It is as though the unseen surrounds us and strong emotions of the past breeze through the room in shadow.  

I’ve done a poor job describing the feeling of holding an item that was dear to someone long dead.  To understand one must have the experience themselves.  

Chilling Memento

By Mateo de Colón

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