A rainy day

Here in the Bay Area we haven’t seen much rain for many years. So when we do get rain it is a special occasion. Sticking my head out the door I feel the cold and expect to actually smell the rain as you can in Ohio. Inhaling I don’t smell anything, not even wet eucalyptus whose scent will soon permeate my neighborhood. The rain intensifies and puddles form on my patio. I am glad I cleared gutters.

The rain reminds me of sitting on the porch swing in Ohio watching a powerful summer storm although the temperature is much warmer for those than this cold, damp storm.

I hope the rain lasts all day as it makes a perfect reason to stay indoors and rediscover the many activities that can be enjoyed in the house. Board games, fort building, reinspecting the pictures and art on the walls or finally getting around to fixing that thing that was never urgent enough to fix.

As I stand here by the door admiring the rain I am reminded of the smell of earthworms who are flooded out of their homes after an Ohio storm. By the sound of the birds taking cover in the trees it may be wise for the worms to stay hidden as the berries are mostly gone and the Robins have not yet departed.

The rain makes me contemplative and I wish I had a porch swing on which to contemplate further but I do not and standing in the doorway in my bathrobe for too long may encourage the neighbors to gossip.

Was listening to this piece this morning.  It doesn’t set the tone perfectly for a rainy day but comes close.  And it was what I was listening to besides the rain.  You can’t change the past.  

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By Mateo de Colón

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