Memory of Space Lab Yellow

I rarely come across new music I really like. In the past year there have been only two (“Aural Psynapse” by deadmau5 and “I’m Trippin” by Millok). Just heard this tonight; LOVE IT as it takes me back to clubbing days at Space Lab Yellow in Tokyo. I looked up Space Lab to see if it was still around and to my COMPLETE SHOCK the Guardian says, “Ageing party-goers still remember it as Space Lab Yellow, the legendary nightclub that closed in 2008 when its building was earmarked for demolition.” AGEING PARTY-GOERS??? I think this one unfortunate sentence has just triggered my midlife crisis. I’m gonna open a bottle of wine and listen to SASH. Ageing party-goer my arse. God-Damned Guardian

Music : OKAY – Shiba San
Guardian Article: 10 of the best bars and clubs in Tokyo

Edit 5.19.21: Found another article

By Mateo de Colón

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