Saturday Night

It has been a very long time since I’ve written a simple journal entry.  As I’ve said before, I miss the “old” internet which was wild, open and free.  Now that it is being used more for business purposes (information collecting = to target ads and other purposes) I just don’t have the same will to get on here and freely write as I used to.  Perhaps that is only one of the reasons.  The other may be I’m 35 and thus am a bit more cautious.  🙂

Anyway, I went to Yoshi’s Oakland for the first time yesterday.  My neighbor is very much into guitars and he asked me to go.  I thought it might be a nice guys night out so even though I’m not into this type of music I was curious to go see Yoshi’s and perhaps broaden my musical tastes.  The artist was Robben Ford and I have to say I wasn’t blown away at first.  However, I’ve been listening to his music today and it is growing on me.  I particularly like the piece “On That Morning” and am playing it over and over.  It is a great “chill out” song for a lonely Saturday.  Not that I’m lonely mind you, the wife and kid are in bed so I can just pretend to be lonely while listening to this song and perhaps get into the proper mood in which I believe this music would be most enjoyed:  lonely yet not entirely sad, a mellow calm.  One who is remembers with fondness nights not so long ago in various lounges but of a different era, an era long gone yet lives still in the occasional eye contact or the aroma of a certain type of cigarette.

My my, what has this music done to me?  Let the music guide my mind where it will and write down what it shows me.  I think I may have a new fun activity!  Well, I shouldn’t be so rude.  Here is the song.

By Mateo de Colón

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