Long time no post in this blog.

Today’s topic is Netflix. I just read this article in the New Yorker about the recent decline of Netflix.  

My thoughts on this?  Well, I too was a bit unhappy with the rate hike they had a few months ago and dropped the mail part of the service.  I’m happy with just the streaming because for me, convenience is key.  

But all these shenanigans with Netflix did cause me to look at Hulu and Amazon prime.  After reading all the comparisons there still is no other service like Netflix for movies.  

For me personally, I could care less about TV shows (except the Tudors and Borgia for their historical significance).  I want movies, lots of them and I want to stream them at an affordable price.  

The only competitor that comes close is Apple TV which I do use sparingly because I hate to pay the $6.00 for a very short rental period.  The only reason I use them at all is because they have the newer movies which Netflix does not.  

But as for the end of Netflix?  Well, until Hulu, Amazon and Apple TV come up with a huge library of streamable movies at a flat monthly rate, I’m not abandoning Netflix anytime soon.  

By Mateo de Colón

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