Johnnie Walker Tasting

Just got back from a Johnnie Walker Tasting.  I had never been to a “spirits” tasting before but apparently one can taste many different flavors in Whisky (Spelled the proper way) just like the way we can with wine.  I got the invite from Netparty which I had apparently signed up for once upon a time but it never caught my interest until Whisky was involved.

Wasn’t sure what to expect but it took place not far from AT&T park right close to a rough area of San Francisco.  There was a line, velvet rope and plenty of pretty Johnnie Walker girls which reminded me (AGAIN) of Saigon when Johnnie Walker used to sponsor the darts tournaments.  They made sure we had RSVP’d and asked us a few questions about our drinking habits.

We walked in the door, upstairs and had a half hour reception with one free drink.  I thought the skyline looked pretty cool so took this picture.

Skyline from Johnnie Walker Tasting

After the reception we headed downstairs for the tasting and it was first rate!  We started out with the Black Label, then Red Label, Gold, Green then finally BLUE!!  I never knew Whisky could taste like honey and peppers.  The presenter was very engaging and did an excellent job.  We were seated second row and I snapped this picture.

Whisky Tasting

I also really liked the video they showed which is here.

After the tasting Richard and I felt we needed to taste a little more so headed to a Pete’s Tavern to discuss the superior benefits of Whisky over other beverages.  Didn’t stay too long because after all, it is a school night.

By Mateo de Colón

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