Journal Entry – 12.12.2005 – Holiday

I sit in the airport and still have an hour and forty minutes until the flight. No matter how many trips I take, I always manage to get myself to the airport way to early and then have to sit around and wait. So now, extremely tired from my earlier workout at the Sofitel, I sit and watch the Japanese scurrying here and there, drinking their last cups of Vietnamese coffee, getting those last minute souvenirs and wandering from shop to shop.

Just at the table in front of me there is a Japanese speaking Caucasian girl who appears to be dating the Japanese guy she is with. It’s a rare occurrence to find a white person who speaks Japanese, but a white girl with a Japanese guy is near impossible to find. It’s also strange that we are the only two white people here, and although there are plenty of seats, she chooses the table right next to mine and the chair which is facing me. It’s it by accident, or did she consciously/unconsciously choose that chair?

It was modestly difficult to leave H. She told me on the phone how much she misses me already and I miss her. I really wish she could come, but since she can’t, I’m going to look at this as my last hurrah, my last trip as a single guy. After this, I really don’t think I’ll want to go anywhere else without her. She really is a wonderful girl and I love her so much.

Still I wait, typing away on my computer as the airport cafe fills up. The travelers are entirely Japanese except for the aforementioned white girl at the table in front of me.

I wonder what this trip is going to be like. It’s been an entire year since I’ve been home but at this point in the trip, I’m more sad to be without Hitomi than I am happy to be going home. It’s such a shock to my system travelling internationally. I also wonder if I’ll be sad to be in Japan without Hitomi. I’m arriving early in the morning which for me is better than at night because the night is often filled with loneliness.


I’m now on the flight from Tokyo to America. Didn’t have much time to write as I was busy running around Tokyo. I was there for three days and it went so quick it’s like it almost didn’t even happen.

When I first got there I went to find the hotel. The map was horrible and I was on the verge of turning back towards the station when I spotted it on a side street. Check in wasn’t until 3:00pm and I had arrived at just before 10am. I unloaded my clothes from my backpack and then found a wireless hotspot and wrote some e-mails in their lobby.

Then I was off to Mejiro for lunch and ate Chicken Kasan at Otoya. Walking around Mejiro, I really didn’t feel like I missed it so much. Quite a few stores have changed and as I stood in front of Eternity Mejiro, there was no feeling of home. It was just a cold, dirty white building.

I then went shopping in Metropolitan in Ikebukuro to pick up gifts for Horacio, German’s and Masaru’s babies. It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for which was Totoro. After that, it was off to Big Camera and although I found the dictionary Hitomi wanted, I wasn’t sure if it had all the dictionaries she wanted. I wrote to her to check again after which I bought it anyway and if it’s not what she needs she can have mine.

After BC it was off to Excelsior in Metropolitan for a cafe and to write some e-mails. Not having a phone, I communicated by writing e-mails to friends with phone e-mail addresses. There was no wireless connection however so I just drank my coffee and wrote e-mails to be sent later.

It was then back to the hotel for a shower and nap before meeting the guys. I met Masaru outside Mejiro station and we then walked to Watami where we met Horacio. We were then going to go to the hub but due to a private party it was closed. So we went to the bar just around the corner where we met Miguel as well.

The next day did not go so well. I was very hungover from the night of drinking and forgot that I was supposed to meet with Miguel at 3:00pm. Speaking with Masaru I was also supposed to meet him at 3:00pm, but I had thought 4 so was an hour late. I visited his house and saw Fumika and Momo-chan. As soon as Momo saw me she started crying which is something she apparently does with every new male visitor. They tell me Thomas has the record for making Momo cry.

That night, I just went out with Masaru since James, Ally and Damian all couldn’t meet for various reasons. We went to to the new hub in Ikebukuro and ended up talking with the females next to us. Apparently the Hub is no longer a shady Gaijin place but rather is full of Japanese couples. They also had a bingo game that lasts forever and I ended up winning a coupon for the Hub. I ended up going home pretty early so I could rest since I was still pooped from not sleeping on the flight and then having a drunken night.

On Sunday, it was off to Big Camera and Takadanobaba. I wanted to eat Ichibanya for lunch and the closest one I knew of was in Baba. I also wanted to check out the books at Waseda but had forgotten that it was Sunday and they were closed! But it was good making the walk again and seeing all the old stores. I really didn’t feel sad though or that I particularly missed my old life. Then it was back to Big Camera in Ike again and back to the hotel.

I met Jimney last night and we went to an Izakaya. It was good speaking with him and we spoke almost entirely in Japanese which was a big confidence booster for me. After that it was Ramen and then back home.


Now I’m on the flight back to the states. I just watched the Elf which is a great movie and now writing this. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep later which will cause this trip to be a long one.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/