E-mail to Marina 7.6.2004

Hey Cutie, 

Yea, I’m still in Japan and the semester will end in about two weeks.  I’m currently also still teaching English but I have to find a “real” job (with benefits).  I’m trying to get to Vietnam but we’ll see what happens.  

Congratulations on the teaching position in Mexico!  It’s a blast there but just don’t walk by yourself at night and don’t accept the first marriage proposal you get which will happen every night.  

I know Masaru had a baby and I’ll see him this Friday.  Can you believe Masaru has a kid!!  When my friends have children it makes me feel old!  

Good luck with the job and study that Spanish!!  



Hi sweetheart.  Tell me if you get this message.  So Masaru had a baby! (well, his wife did). That’s great.  Are you still in Japan?  Guess what!?  I have been offered a job teaching in Mexico.  I am so excited.  Providing UBC lets me go because my program overlaps and I’d have to leave UBC classes a week early.  But then I could maybe speak Spanish with u someday.  Anyway, hope you are well.  Talk to you later,

Baises, Marina

By Mateo de Colón

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