E-mail to Alejandro 5.15.2004


Most excellent that you had a chance to get back to Toledo and especially hike through the Pyrenees!  That is most cool.  I heard some time ago that Miguel got married but I was not aware that it was to an American from the fund!  I wish he would send me a picture or something but I’ve lost contact since he is an atrocious e-mailer.  

I did know that no new group of Fundes could beat our group.  We meshed well, and had a ball in the meantime.  It is my best memory.  I’m thinking now of the time we were drinking calimocho’s in plaza del San Justo and you came all wasted and took my drink, set it on the ledge of the fountain (and it fell over and spilled all out) and then started wrestling me.  Then we started walking to the bars in town and you said to that one new girl with blond hair that she looked “like a cow” because her shirt was white with big black polka dots…    Her response of course was “F*** You,” but very slowly.  hahahahaha.   You also laughed so hard that you were literally on the ground rolling.  That was an extremely funny night.  I have a million memories like that and I wish we could do it over. 

You didn’t see any ghosts in the fund did you?  How is Yuki?  Did she tell her I called her once wasted from Japan?  

As for me, I have one semester of Japanese study left and am currently looking for a full time job.  I have no desire to return back to the states and am looking for a job here in Asia.  The semester ends in August, and I’ll either stay here in Japan or go to Vietnam.  I’ll keep you posted.  

Take care hombre, 


By Mateo de Colón

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