E-mail to Brendan 4.1.2004


That sucks you had to spend St. Patty’s day in some place known as Elkhart.  I feel for you man.  But just remember, here I never get to celebrate any holidays.  The Japanese don’t have any fun holidays, and all their national holidays are simply days off work.  So I miss every single damn holiday.  I could go to the “gaijin” bar (remember that word?) but it’s just not the same hanging out with Japanese gaijin groupies and weird foreigners.  Hell, most of the foreigners are nerds,,,, you know like in “Animal House” when the cool frat makes the geeks sit with all the international people.  hahahahaha. 

Anyway, I’ll be finished with Waseda in late June and am trying to find a job at the moment.  I really hate the job search thing, but I’ve at least been getting some positive feedback from Vietnam.  Those peckers in America usually don’t even respond. 

As for H, that is a serious issue.  She won’t want to go to Vietnam.  Also, if I go, I’m really going to miss her since she is the biggest sweetheart I have ever met.  But I really don’t want to stay here and work.  The working situation is terrible and I would have to become a “company man” which is the last damn thing I would ever want to do. 

Concerning Axel,, that guy is finished with Waseda now, and is on to stage two of his Masters program which is doing an internship for a company here in Japan.  He is still able to go out drinking quite often however, but not as much now.  He also loves Vietnam and hopes to find a job there after he finishes his studies of which he has 2 years left. 

But man Brendan,, I’ve grown so used to living here it’s going to be really hard to leave, especially H.  On the other hand, I can have my pick of one billion hot women in Vietnam who will do all I ask (you have some experience with this yes??),,,   but I really do love H.  So that part is going to suck, but I’ll just have to go with it and see what happens. 

What are your travel plans for this year?  Still doing the Ireland thing?  You know your always welcome,, highly encouraged to come to Japan,,, but I must say, that you will get more bang (get banged) for your buck in Vietnam.. Hell, it would take you one week to spend in Vietnam, what it takes to spend in one hour here. 



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Glad things are well.  It sounds like you had a great time with the trip to Vietnam!  When are you set to graduate from Wasada?  Is H. going to Vietnam with you?  What the dilly? 

I hope you were able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as I was stuck working in Elkhart, IN.  This place blows.  I am here until tomorrow afternoon.  Then it is back to the bright lights of good old C-town.  I can’t wait.

What are Axel’s plans for after graduation?  Will he join you in Vietnem? 

I’m gonna hit the hey, take it easy,


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