E-mail to Tory 11.15.2003


A momentous day has arrived!  Tory is going to use e-mail on a constant basis!!!  I still remember when you were using that webTV nonsense that you never actually used.  Actually I still even have your address there   —- xxxxx ———-  ha haha hahaha. 

But I’m so proud of you!!!  I expect you to be a frequent and steady e-mailer from now on.  Now if I could just get you people to put your pictures online.  As you know all of my pictures are on there, but the funny thing is that only weirdo internet people actually look at them instead of my parents and family for which they were intended.  Yes, I can check and see who is looking at my webpage!!  Crazy huh. 

Anyway, if you do have any pictures, I expect you to send some to me so I can see how you’ve become even more beautiful. 

As for California, I would like to come there!  If I have to go back to America California is my first choice.  The reason is that I would eventually like to get a masters and they have good schools in Cali.  If it weren’t for that desire, then I would choose Hawaii since,,, well it’s Hawaii!!!  Also, there are many Japanese people there and I could use the language frequently.  I do have to make some important decisions after the winter holidays like namely what I’m going to do!!!!!  I just haven’t had the time to sit down and figure it out. 

Well hottie, I expect to be hearing more from you from now on!


El Guapo,

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From: Tory

To: Mateo

Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:33 AM

Subject: Re: Hey Guapo


Hey your welcome! I plan on emailing you more now that I have access to the computer 24/7. It was very hard to be consistent before when I could only email at school. I am so busy at school most of the time I only had time to do my attendance on the computer and could never long on to the Internet, that is when our computers are up and running!!

Karen and I were talking the other day and we decided you need to move to California or at least come visit every once in a while. Japan to far away!!

I know you are doing well and loving it there, but you will do well anywhere you go!!

Well enough pumping your ego for one day!!

Te extrano muchisimo!!

Tory wrote:

Thanks for remembering me on Halloween! Your such a sweetheart!  Here is a little secret.  I always gage my ‘bestest’ friends by them remembering me even though I am in Japan.  You are the only one who sent me a Halloween card!!!  Thanks so much, it really means more to me than you may realize. 

Always yours,

El Guapo

By Mateo de Colón

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